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These Quotes on Cheaters by Author Novoneel Are Savage And Will Make Them Regret it

The bestselling author of seven romantic thriller novels, Novoneel Chakraborty, wrote nine different stories on 'CHEATERS' that explore the other side of love.Cheaters, the latest book tells different stories, each discussing a different shade of infidelity in today's times when societal norms are still the same-archaic. However, the urge to explore and experiment amongst the youth is at an all-time high. This friction, if not handled well, could lead to unexpected roads. Each story, though high on emotions, unfolds in a thrilling narrative.Before heading to the quotes from his latest book, let's take a glimpse of Novoneel's excellent work and creation.

The author who is winning every Indian heart.

Novoneel's novel Forget Me Not, Stranger—the third novel in The Stranger Trilogy—debuted at no.1 on BookScan across India. The first novel in the trilogy, All Yours, Stranger, ranked among the top 5 thriller novels on Amazon India. Novoneel has written for seven TV shows. Along with his two business partners, and also runs a one-of-a-kind content company—Act3 Creations—which provides content for films, television and digital media.

“I’ve always been a reader. Especially of love stories. They made me believe, from a young age, that a person can only have one soulmate. But as I grew up, I realized there could be more than one. I’ve had two. The first destroyed me and the second created me.”

“The worst kind of loneliness is when you are with your lover and his warmth doesn’t reach your heart.”

“Commitment is a destination and the moment men like him see it clearly, looming in the horizon, they change their tracks. He is like the wind. You can feel him, but you can’t trap him and make him yours entirely. Only the bit which hits you stays with you. And you, in your innocence, assume that’s the whole of him.”

“Marriage is just like a compass. We know which way we are heading, but it's impossible to know where exactly we are.”

“We are always focused on think and talk where the future is. But never realize if we really know where the present is. This overlooked present becomes a shocking future later.”

“He is that chaos which makes you feel that it would have been better not to have met him in the first place, but also makes you realize that had you not met him, you wouldn't have been what you are today.”

“We always judge people on the basis of their sexual preferences and practices in spite of knowing that emotions are all that matters.”

“Relationships are like a bag full of gifts. The moment we get it we are excited to open it. But after we find out what the gifts are, the excitement fades.”

“Just like we retain the moral of a story heard in kindergarten throughout our lives, we keep the thoughts of a person we loved forever. People without thoughts are only bodies. And mere bodies don't make any context.”

“We're two wild birds once, who could fly high together but never make a nest. We're each other's choices but always whined about each other's preferences, lifestyles, dressing sense, etc. I don't know which is more painful: the fact that we didn't survive or that we survived fine without each other.”

Every single quote is very much relatable! 

The article is an excerpt from the book 'Cheaters', written by author Novoneel-Chakraborty, and published by Penguin Random House.