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Dear People, Let's Bid Sridevi Adieu With Respect and Not Gossip 

February 24, 2018: My social media is flooded with posts and updates about my favourite Bollywood star Sridevi's demise, and I think it is a hoax. How can the actress die? I happen to follow her on Instagram, and a couple of days back she posted photos from her nephew Mohit Marwah's wedding in Dubai. Sridevi looked gorgeous in pastel green outfit, it added to her unfazed beauty. Cut to today; I am agitated. I want to scream at every media house. STOP, sit back and introspect what you are doing. Yes, it is your job but is such insensitivity taking us anywhere? For someone who dedicated her entire life to the film industry, why are we making her death a controversial affair? After all that she has given to the film industry and the world, doesn’t she deserve to find solace and peace? 

Why has everyone suddenly become an expert? 

Sridevi had an amazing career with numerous opportunities waiting at her doorsteps, but the actress chose to take a break and give time to her family. It would be an insult to her sentiments and sacrifice if we point fingers at that very family of hers whom she loved more than her life. We have always appreciated her work when she was alive, we appreciated her beauty, her charm and the grace with which she carried herself. Then, why are some people claiming that very beauty to be the reason for her untimely death? DEATH is inevitable and it arrives whenever it is destined to, then why are we speculating it? 

Sri ji, I miss you! 

More than the reality, it is articles on the Internet and news channel coverage that is scaring the shit out of me. Some say our Chandni died of cardiac arrest, some say she was drugged while some say she consumed alcohol and fell in the bathtub. The last and the most debated update has been the forensic report that claimed she died of accidental drowning. An adult cannot drown in a bathtub and it is known that Sridevi consumed wine only occasionally. Sridevi's hoax image that went viral on WhatsApp made me even more furious as a fan. Be that as it may, in whichever way she said goodbye to us; don’t you think Sridevi Boney Kapoor deserves the same amount of respect that we gave her when she was amidst us? The video where she was enjoying her dance on Kala Chashma in Mohit’s wedding… It still makes me cry when I remember all that. 

When will I get to see you for the last time? 

The fact that Sridevi ji's proper cremation or prayer ceremony has not yet taken place breaks me to the core. With so much happening and getting circulated in remixed versions, we have forgotten the fact that at this hour we must be the ones to show our condolence and not argue about how she died. It is the time when we should extend our thoughts to her family who is broken at the loss of the guiding force of the house. The news of her mortal remains arriving in India for the last rites has left many fans eyeing Mumbai airport and the Kapoors' residence. 

This has to stop, NOW! 

Sridevi ji was quite worried about her daughter's debut, and Boney Kapoor's first wife Mona Kapoor also died months before son Arjun Kapoor's debut. This fact that both the wives of Boney Kapoor didn't see their respective kid's debut also serves as fodder for prominent gossip mongers. Is that the way we are linking two very amazing ladies of the Kapoor household? Boney Kapoor, on the other hand, was the first person to have witnessed his unconscious wife lying in the bathtub. I have myself lived a major section of my life with my single-father after my mother's demise and I understand the pressure and responsibilities that a man has when it comes to taking care of children all by himself. 

You deserve all the love and respect that you earned in the 54 years you were alive. 

As a true fan, I put my words to rest and wish that most sane people also decide to do so. Sridevi ji gave her entire life for our entertainment and to her work. It is a silent plea to everyone who is behaving like Sherlock Holmes and forensic experts to let this tragedy sink in as normally as it should. Sridevi ji will always stay in our memories and this is not the right time to find angles and add to speculations, it is the time we unite and pay our tribute to her. We love you Ms hawa-hawai.