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 The terrified child kept asking for another chance but his brutal father didn't stop. 

"How many times have I told you not to tell a lie," the brutal father tells the child, who is cringing in fear. "Yes, you have. Several times," says the father, as reported by NDTV."No child can lie like you," the mother can be heard saying. 

The father is being arrested now. But is that enough? 

"We have arrested the father under the Juvenile Justice Act. The matter is being investigated... We have charged him under the Juvenile Justice Act 82 and the Indian Penal Code Sections 323 and 506," said MN Anuchaith, Deputy Commissioner of Police Bangalore West Division.


According to the Constitution, child abuse is a serious offence.

There are various provisions in the Constitution of India concerning the protection and welfare of children. According to Helpline Law, Article 14, 15, 15(3), 19(1) (a), 21, 21(A), 23, 24, 39(e) 39(f) of the Constitution of India has provisions for the protection, safety, security and well-being of all its people, including children. 

Effects of child abuse on children.

According to a government website, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, child abuse can leave a severe impression on kids like improper brain development including impaired learning ability and socio-emotional skills. It can also result in blindness or cerebral palsy from head trauma. This increases the higher risk for heart, lung and liver diseases, obesity, cancer, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol plus anxiety.Smoking, alcoholism and drug abuse are also some effects of child abuse that can hamper the kid in the long run. 


People should be aware of what child abuse is! 

Child abuse is not restricted to beating kids. Maltreatment, being neglected or parents failing to provide kids the right kind of food, clothing, and care, rejection, betrayal or continuous isolation is emotional torture for kids which is also illegal.

Kids should know their rights. 

If we talk about the current scenario, the biggest problem is that kids are not aware of their rights. If they are taught that they are important and have the right to be safe, they are less likely to take abuse and more likely report the offender.


Parents should understand few things as well.

According to Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, parents should never discipline their kids when they are upset. Because abuse is not just physical, both words and actions can inflict wounds. 

Neighbours, this is for you... 

Unexplained injuries, depression, inability to trust others or making friends, change in eating or sleeping patterns, poor hygiene, secrecy... all these are indications of child abuse. If you ever witness a kid suffering from these, please take a step and ask them.


It is really crucial to report such abuse.

If you ever witness a child being harmed or abused, it is critical to report it to the nearest child protective services department or local police.

Kids need nurturing.

"Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul." - Dave Pelzer, A Child Called "It"That's all, readers. Remember, it is essential to protect children and improve their lives.If you think there are more issues that need to be addressed, do write to me at