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Pakistani Anchor's Fight with Female Co-Anchor Is Going Viral on the Internet

The pressure at the workplace can get to anyone, not to mention, trigger the unwanted argument with your colleagues. Stakes are even higher if you're an anchor in the newsroom who is always under the pressure of breaking the news to the world. Thank God that you're not in such position where your workplace frustration could come out in public.However, a half-minute unfortunate video that shows an exasperated Pakistani news anchor fighting with his co-anchor is going viral on the Internet for all the wrong reasons. Both the news anchor get into a scuffle off-air where the male anchor complains to the production team, "Kaise bulletin karunga main iske saath?"Have a look!

Things turned dirty when these two news anchors argued off-camera. 

Now, we don't know who conspired to leak this tape, but things are awkward here.

Barely 30 seconds long video shows both the news anchors arguing in foul language.

The two news anchors can be seen complaining about each other's behaviour in the middle of the break.

These anchors reportedly work with Daily Pakistan.

However, hundreds of Twitteratis have re-tweeted and shared this video on Facebook already.

Watch the clip here 

As you know the pop-culture rules, the video has already become the meme of the day.

A Twitterati said...

Things like this are casual among colleagues, and they must have taken the lunch or dinner together.

This video gave a fun idea to this Twitterati.

While we're sure this exchange of words between them happened in the heat of the moment, it has created a lot of buzz on the Internet.

And this isn't the first time when anchors have been caught in such moments.

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Who doesn't know this man? 

News reporter Chand Nawab is quite famous in Pakistan. He is so popular because of this video that his character was enacted in Bollywood film Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

Aaj ke bulletin yahin samapt hue, Dhanyawaad.

That's all, folks!