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What It Feels to Enjoy and Have Fun During Whole 9-hr a Day Job, Mrinali and Pratish Know It Well! 

*JOB*10 - 7!Meetings!Assignments!Being so formal!Follow-ups, updates... bla bla bla... Ah... most of us feel the same when we picture 'job' in our mind, right?But can you imagine there exist people for whom, doing a job is equivalent to 'chilling and having fun all day long'? Sounds interesting? Welcome the social media generation's planet where youngsters are actually establishing their career on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and what not. Undoubtedly, digital media giants like WittyFeed are providing them with a huge platform to turn their passion into a career.   To support with examples, Mrinali Dass (23) and Pratish Mehta (25) are two lucky ones who are actually living the whole new definition of serving a regular job differently. Enjoying what they love and getting paid for the same. *Ideal it is!* They can really make many of you jealous. It's okay, handle it! ;)     You’ll love to know about Mrinali and Pratish. Never know, even you might end up choosing the career they have OR changing your mind and determining to chase the dream that you carry in your heart. 

Mrinali (Indore) and Pratish (Ujjain) are my colleagues. 

I love them both because they're amazingly talented youngsters. Recently, I interviewed both of them about their day to day life, works, dreams, responsibilities and almost after 40 minutes of talk, I got to know a lot of things about them. 

Glamour and fame attracted Mrinali since childhood. She dreams of becoming a social media celebrity.

She is a beauty blogger, YouTuber and a social media influencer. And of course, an actor for WittyFeed. Many of her videos have gone viral and now, Mrinali is a known name among social media users. This fashionista wants to make it big on the Internet and she's working hard for it. 

Pratish is a born-actor. He started working in theatres since he was 13 and is now a full-time actor and scriptwriter for WittyFeed.   

Pratish told me that he used to be a national-level cricketer which came as a surprise. He was simultaneously into theatre acting. He used to love cricket more than acting, but unfortunately, an injury made him stop playing and he got inclined towards acting. Pratish dreams of becoming an influential actor and wants to be known for the characters he plays. He has bagged several awards and recognition for theatre acting.Pratish and Mrinali were intelligent students during their school/college life. Mrinali has completed her engineering and Pratish has done B.Com and CS. But both of them knew that they were going to chase their passion and would be known for what they loved the most.  

So, I was talking about the coolest job these two guys have!

Mrinali and Pratish say, every single day of their work-life is full of joys. They come to office, they get prepared for the shoots, they act, they chill and have fun. When they aren't shooting, Pratish works on scripting whereas Mrinali helps video and social media department in different stuff.

I asked them: "How WittyFeed is helping them achieve the dream life?"

They have a common voice, "Since WittyFeed has been enormously growing in video content, our career has also seen an impactful growth. Though we are still in initial phase, there's a lot to do and achieve."WittyFeed, the fastest-growing digital media company is India's largest viral content company and viral video producer. Mrinali and Pratish feel lucky to be a part of the company. 

They are on-screen couple for WittyFeed videos and are a very good friends in real life.

They enjoy what they do. They crack jokes on sets, make fun of each other at times, take selfies, dance together. Video Department Head Ayush Shrivastav says, WittyFeed's audience loves this on-screen couple very much, they have earned huge fan following ever since their videos started going viral.

Aspiring actors Mrinali and Pratish have something to say to youngsters:

Discover your passion.Don’t wait for anyone to reach you. Do things on your own until a good opportunity knocks you.Don't get satisfied with what you have, chase for more.Take responsibilities seriously, be loyal to yourself first.Dream big and work hard for it.Convince your family and let them feel that you have a bigger purpose in life. How beautiful message this is! These two guys impressed me a lot! I hope they impressed you, as well. Share your thoughts at leena@wittyfeed.com. Follow Pratish and Mrinali here: Mrinali Facebook / Mrinali Instagram / Pratish Facebook / Pratish Instagram

Last but not the least, here are some videos that made Pratish and Mrinali, social media stars!

Mrinali, on 'Girls will be Girls'

And here's one of my favourites, Holi video!

Cheers to Mrinali and Pratish!