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15 Dialogues from 3 Idiots that Perfectly Sum Up Our Life's Struggle

3 Idiots happens to be that one iconic film which is still loved by many. I remember going to watch the movie with my classmates because our teachers believed that we all need to understand what our true calling in life is. The film had many interesting dialogues and learnings which looked so effortless and apt to me at that time. I have compiled a list of those dailogues and how it all relates to the everyday struggles in our lives. Just a warning, keep the DVD of the film handy because I can bet you would want to watch the movie after reading through this.Happy reading. :) 

1. When you didn't know what to choose knowledge or education.

Rancho perfectly described how knowledge is different from education and why everyone must try to be the best and not mediocre. 

2. When you didn't know there's competition everywhere. 

But then Virus came in our life and brutally taught us that cut-throat competition is everywhere and it can literally drive you nuts. 

3. When language barrier can be a serious problem. 

Chatur served as an example of someone who acted only to impress others, without putting a thought to his actions. His speech was definitely the best part of the film. 

4. When we were made to realise that attitude matters. 

Raju initially had a wrong approach towards life, but when he conquered all his fears and came out victorious, he taught us one of the most important lessons of life. 

5. When we realise jealousy can come between friends as well. 

This jealousy doesn't ruin our friendship but comes with that beautiful bond. 

6. When people are too stubborn.

But your kindness, generosity and good deeds can even turn hate into love. 

7. When the film taught us the true meaning of priorities.

We must always know what is most important in life. 

8. When Priya highlighted that Gujaratis are cute. 

Man, the struggle to remember those names!

9. When Farhan and Raju realised that Rancho is their bestesesest (if that's even a word) friend. 

Knowing that you have someone who respects your dreams and loves you more than himself is a serious acknowledgement.

10. Failures teach the greatest life lessons. 

Failing and falling are absolutely normal. What matters is that you pick yourself up every time you fall. 

11. Jugaad and lies can take you forward but not for a long time. 

A lie can temporarily save you and give some moments of fun but then there are also people like Virus from 3 Idiots. 

12. Teaching and learning is not restricted to classrooms. 

And educationists and teachers of today need to understand that bookish knowledge is not the end of learning.

13. Love for food is beyond everything in this world.

This is one difficult decision of life.

14. Where are we heading? 

If things like this continue we are never going to land up where we want to see ourselves. 

15. Silencer is the best character of the film. 

Poster credits: Nidhi Vaishnav That's all people. If you can relate to these lines and are a true 3 Idiots fan, share it with your friends. You can also write to me at muskan@wittyfeed.com