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6 Things Only Indian Engineers Can Relate to

There was a time when engineering was the most sought-after profession amidst students. It was as if there was no other profession in India. And then there were people who made fun of these engineers, but hey, who are we to judge?Engineers are visionary people, they are intelligently crazy, yes maybe lazy at times, but it is not that they are not creative. Obviously, their area of expertise is different like electronics, mechanics, aeronautics etc, but just because they are studying a professional course doesn't mean they lack creativity.The four years they spend in college is the best time of their lives. It is here that they study late hours, consume excessive caffeine, and give brain cracking exams, all to become an ENGINEER. We have listed down six points that only engineers can relate to:

You automatically wake up at 9 am now 

From the moment you enroll in an engineering college, you are trained to wake up early. That’s because you always a have 9:00 am class. While all the non-engineers are busy attending late night parties, this poor fellow has to go to bed early.

Only a few women pursue engineering

Engineering colleges hardly have any female students on the roll, and none if it is the mechanical stream. So the only girl in class is treated like a queen while all other males in the class are non-existent.

Everyone expects an engineer to repair things

Every family and friends run to engineers to get a broken fridge, TV, washing machine or any other household electronics repaired.

Endless procrastination until the exam arrives

Engineering makes you a master of procrastination all thanks to studying in the eleventh hour.

Seniors always own the juniors

Engineering teaches you to respect your seniors because they teach all the fun things like bunking classes, becoming a rebel, and tackling the college faculty.

Getting placed is the only way of making these years count

The first three years of engineering are enough to give you goosebumps, all thanks to the placement talks. However, it also teaches you to deal with failures, and overcome all the setbacks. Engineering teaches you that there are no second chances when it comes to getting placed. And getting placed is the moment to make all the four years of the course count.And for that, you need to choose a college with world-class amenities, just like the SRM Institute of Science and Technology, which is one of the best private engineering colleges in India.