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15 Dialogues from Dear Zindagi that Will Motivate Every Depressed Soul 

We tend to face ups and downs in life, and it is absolutely okay not to feel okay about it. If a person has some physical illness, we feel that it can be treated and cured by a doctor. But, the minute someone says words like depression or anxiety they become a victim of judgement. Dear Zindagi is a film that has given us an insights into what exactly makes a person feel that everything is crumbling in their life. I'm sure most of the people who watched it gained a lot of motivation. Here is a list of things that the film will teach you: 

Lesson 1 

Enduring hardships doesn't always sort things. If you feel that you endure a lot and then this very process of enduring will make you a better person altogether, you are wrong. Sometimes, taking the tough decision or risk won't render great returns, and you will have to accept that. 

Lesson 2

If you want to see the change, be the change.Doing things differently will only give different results. Time and efforts have nothing to do with it, sometimes you will have to change your approach, and that will sort the things for you. 

Lesson 3

Knowing yourself is all that matters.Before understanding others, it is important for all of us to know ourselves and to know where are we heading. If you have discovered yourself, you will never have to worry about what others think about you. 

Lesson 4

Pain cannot be confined, you need to let it out.Letting things out is sometimes the best thing that you can do for yourself.  

Lesson 5 

You can always recycle your life.In terms of thought process, the way you lead your life. 

Lesson 6 

Take charge of yourself.If you don't take charge of yourself or have control over your dreams and aspirations, someone else will hire you to fulfil their dreams.  

Lesson 7

Let out your feelings.It is important to let out everything, be it something that makes you smile or cry.  

Lesson 8

It is okay to have a dated more than one person, that does not determine your character.We must be specific and critical while selecting a partner and what people say must not bother us.  

Lesson 9

Patience is important.It will take you places.  

Lesson 10 

Let the past be past, your focus should be on present and future.Working and living in present is something that everyone must do.  

Lesson 11

You will have to find your way on your own.There will be days when you feel lonely and at that time you will be your only friend.  

Lesson 12

Parents must cherish their bond with their child.This bond should be mutual from both the ends. 

Lesson 13

Being or not being in love must not control your actions.Let go of all the things that control you and do what your heart desires.  

Lesson 14 

Everything that is broken can be mended.You can fix anything in life if you decide that you want to. 

Lesson 15 

Love your life. Poster Credits: Dhruv Singh That's all people. For suggestions and feedback drop me a mail at muskan@wittyfeed.com