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Who is Responsible For Crimes: Men, Women Or Humans? 

A pedophile baba exploits desperate families and asks for money in return for favours and suggestions to solve the devotee's everyday issues. A woman lures a man and indulges in sexual conversations with him, only to blackmail him later and get the information that she needs for her selfish self. A Muslim man pretends to be someone that he is not only to attract a Hindu woman and convert her to his religion.And there is a woman who pretends to be a man, marries another woman in the hope of getting dowry in return. Crimes have no end; every day I wake up to something that shocks the wits out of me and leaves a question hanging in the air: WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE CRIMES? IS IT A MAN, IS IT A WOMAN OR IS IT ALL OF US? 

A recent case where a woman pretended to be a man 

Sweety Sen created a fake Facebook account in 2013 and posted pictures of herself posing as a man. She then went ahead and started talking to a few women as Krishna Sen. This 25-year-old woman allegedly dressed as a man for four years and duped women to marry them for dowry. All of it sounds like a master plan, but this is an eye-opener that crime has nothing to do with the gender of a person. It can be done by anyone and to anyone.

To lay emphasis on this, let's read other instances 

Crime Patrol, Savdhaan India and other crime shows have made it a stereotype that most men who are walking towards a woman are either going to kill her or attack her with acid. But, here's a reality check: Cases have been reported where a woman does the same to a man. Yes, that's dreadful, but it again has nothing related to the way we see it. It is the psyche of the person who commits the crime and not what lies in between his legs.

Once upon a time in Uttar Pradesh 

A girl threw acid on her ex-lover, and this proves that the number of vengeful female lovers has only managed to increase with the passage of time. This incident from Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh shows that aggression has no gender. There is a notion that only a man can do something as heinous as harming someone physically but why don't we address cases like these and show our support towards the victim, who is a MAN? A lawyer from Noida went ahead and elaborated his thoughts on the case: 

"A few years ago, such cases were unheard of, but now every month or so, we hear at least one such incident. Girls are getting more assertive, but not always in a good way. Most such cases are reported from the urban areas in the state."

Men are known for violence but women use honey trapping as a weapon 

While men commit crimes and exercise their free will through violence, women are way ahead in the league. They use tactics like honey trapping to lure men for selfish motives and money. 

A woman's involvement in violent crimes that can pose threat to the nation 

A study by SP Singh on the involvement of women in heinous crimes suggests that crime is not a forbidden zone for females. There have been reports claiming that disruptive activities in Jammu and Kashmir also involved women, both in the master planning and execution. This resulted in the loss of many innocent lives. The whole point of mentioning these instances is not to mock the females, but for us to realise that crimes have nothing to do with a person's gender. 

Not just women, but men need protection as well 

We talk about gang rapes, men harming women and posing a question on the existence of humanity. Yes, rape victims have suffered and endured a lot but have we ever thought of a man who was innocent but was dragged in doing something wrong with a woman? Have we ever talked about the state of mind of an individual who was innocent but gave up his life in embarrassment?

After the much talked about rape case in Delhi, 2012

According to BBC news, a survey concluded that out of many rape cases that were filed in Delhi in the year 2013-14, more than half of them were false and had no proper pieces of evidence. One such case was where a 44-year-old man caught an employee embezzling money and threatened to go to police. He was later accused of raping the woman and was instantly tagged a criminal. The man had his evidence sorted and he could handle the situation in a better way but what about those who are not able to come out of this vicious circle? 

Sexual assault happens with men as well 

The minute I say the word 'rapist', an image of a man forcing his will on a woman is what you think of. WHY? Do only men lose their self-control and attempt to rape? There have been various cases reporting sexual assault being committed by a woman.  Mirror.co.uk reported an article where men shared their experience of sexual assault, and the world's reaction to it. 

Let's come out of this small shell and think of the bigger picture

After sharing all these cases and instances, I think I have got the answer to most of my questions. Crimes have nothing to do with someone being a man, a woman or even a transgender. What matters is the psychology and how different people deal with different situations. I think I have said enough and now I leave it to you to introspect.Who do you think is responsible for crimes? Writer's note: My intention was not to hurt the sentiments or target a particular section of the society. Before we talk about equality and feminism, I think it is important for us to note that feminism will not come overnight and that it is not about uplifting one sex and degrading the value of another.