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How 'Love' Changed Over the Years

'The love in your heart wasn't put there to stay. Love isn't love, till you give it away', is my all time favourite quote. Love is a very strong emotion, which grows as it spreads. Like a smile, which someone smiled, just because you smiled, and soon there will be miles and miles of smiles.The warmth of love will always remain the same, but yes, the ways of exhibiting it have changed over the years. People have become more expressive about their feelings. No more hiding and waiting for the right moment. With the coming of social media, love is a much-expressed emotion.While 'I love you', was reserved for a few loved ones, you can hear an, 'I love you, babe', for a distant friend too! Surprisingly, these are the people you wouldn't even acknowledge face to face, but who said you can't love them, eh?

In the years gone by, parents would fix matches, and children obeyed. Then came the trend of, 'let the boy and girl speak in private'. People started going out later. And now it's like, "Hey mom, we're in love, but we want to test the waters. So don't put your hopes too high. By the end of the year, we'll let you know whether we're tying the knot or not?"  Commitment issues, phew! Didn't they say marriages were made in heaven, and performed on Earth?I wonder if people still write love letters? It was an art, very few could master, back then too. N like you have people helping with messages, we had professionals writing love letters. Better so, if written in blood! Proved how strong your love was!

It was usually the guy's prerogative to take the first step, to approach the girl in question. But now it really doesn't matter! Anyone can take the initiative. Love shouldn't suffer!The homework which goes into knowing about a potential lover on Facebook or Instagram is commendable. It has its perks; One isn't at a loss of words, and so those awkward moments can be avoided. You can check out their likes, dislikes, hobbies n inclinations.That makes up for breaking the ice!So love, the quintessential emotion, continues to flow, right down from Adam n Eve till today. May cupid strike you this Valentine's, and may you never be the same again. After all, one should be high on love!PS: The views expressed in the article are blogger Nidhi Hasija's own.