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7 Steps to Rank Your Android App on Google Play Store

Before uploading an app to the Google Play Store, there is that one question that struck to everyone’s mind, “How will I rank my app in the stores."The most important task we have to do is creating the exact same app what we want to develop because this is the first step and then optimize your app for better performance, quality, smoothness and response time.Optimization helps you to rank your app in the top search. So, If you are creating something like this, then this article is definitely for you. Read everything I wrote down for all the tips to rank your app at the top.Here I will show you the tips, or you say strategies from which you can rank your app in the Google Play Store. 

#1 Keyword Optimization

A keyword is most important if we talk about SEO and to rank anything on the top.  Choose the best keyword which is highly relevant so that user can easily find your app in the app store by using that keyword.Don’t forget to use that keyword in the 'Title' of the app and the description.Try to make a title of a single word, or you can use symbols also to increase the visibility of the 'Title'. 

#2 Reviews, Ratings, and User experience

If you have a good rating of your app on Google Play Store, then your chance to get your app in the top search is good. If the rating of your app is 5 star then the chances of your app to get on the top increases. That means when users are searching for the particular categories of the app where your app falls then your app will be shown to them on the top.    The feedback gave by the user helps you to improve the next version of the app. 

#3 Target The Right Audience 

If you want that your app to get more and more downloads, then you have to find the locations where your app will get maximum downloads. Your audience can vary according to the factors like the age of the users, the location of the users, and many other factors. So, for the better response to the application, we have to find our potential audience. Those apps which target their audience, get better results from the generalized app.  

#4 Things To Keep In Mind

There are many things you have to take care for better optimization of your app and get on top on Google play Store results:- Responsiveness: Make sure that your app runs on all type of devices like smartphone, tablet and other devices that are available in the market. If your app is compatible with all type of devices, then there is great chance to get your app on the top search results on the Google Play Store. Size of the app: Your mobile have a limited amount of memory so, if your app is smaller in size, then there are a lot of chances of getting installed by the users. The size of the app matters if your app size is big and the chances of being uninstalled will increase by margins. Developers have to keep this thing in mind that the app they uploaded on the Google Play Store is of small size and will take less size in the memory. Links: If you have a large number of internal links in your app, then it will help your page to improve your ranking.  

#5 Little Tweaking [For Proper Optimization]

Before uploading your app to the stores, you have to keep these things in your mind so that your app will optimize properly and help you to improve your ranking in the app stores:-Title of the app: Make sure that the keyword you provided to your app is related to it. This will increase the visibility of your app in the search results. Always use your main keywords in the main title.Description of the app: Write a small and robust description of your app in which you have to describe what your app does and use your main focus keyword 3-4 times while writing the description. Don’t forget to use the starting 167 characters of the app in the meta description.  

#6 ASO [App Store Optimization]

App Store Optimization (ASO) is very much similar to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO means to rank your content higher in the search engines. Similarly, ASO means the way to improve your app visibility in the top search results.  If your app appears on the top, then the chances of it getting downloaded by the users will definitely increase.

#7 Screenshots, Graphics & Videos

If we talk about Google Play Store, a ton of apps are present in the store and the probability to find the similar apps to yours increases too.If you want your app to be downloaded by the user when it comes to your page, then make sure that you are using high-quality screenshots of every screen of your app and use video to describe how your app is working after downloading.The things what I describe above will definitely help you to increase your ranking in the Google Play Store. Everyone wants their app to get a maximum or a large number of downloads, but a very few people take care of the things what I described above.  The one who will work according to the points mentioned here will get a maximum number of downloads.So, read this article properly and apply these tips to your latest app you want to upload. Apply these things, and I know you will definitely get a positive result.