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Valentine's Day Special: Different Shades Of Unconventionally True Love In India 

People say India is a country where successful marriages are more important than falling in LOVE. Yes, that might be true for some families, and they are entitled to have an opinion. But, this Valentine's Day let's talk about the old-school love in our country, that will simply melt everyone's heart and make them realise the fact that unconventional love exists in India and it has its own beauty.   Starting with a personal anecdote, my parents fell in love with each other but got married in an arranged set up. They have a filmy love story the one that we watch in Bollywood films.

Their interesting love story...

My parents fell in love, dated each other but parted ways because my maternal-grandfather wanted my mother to marry a man that he chose. Little did my mother know that the man he chose was none other than my father. My parents' wedding came as a surprise to many including them as well. The fact that true love finds its way is what I see in their love story. Here are some other stories that will show you different shades of LOVE in India, this Valentine's Day: 

It can happen anywhere and anytime 

The couple got married in an arranged set up, and the story of how this arranged set up worked is very interesting. It was when the bride-to-be Mrs. Poonam Jandial was brooming the floor, and her mother-in-law bumped into the house to see her. She suddenly liked her and approved her for her son. Today, it has been more than 29 years that the couple is together and are facing all the good and bad things that life has to offer. They show us how you can get your partner anywhere and anytime.

How smiles can get you all the happiness in life 

My colleague from South India, Richu's parents share a conjugal bond, and I remember him telling me that his mother always wears a smile even if things are going wrong. Mrs Mathew's quality of wearing a smile shows how you can fix all the problems with your partner with just a smile. 

Even when you have other options, sticking together proves your love 

This couple proves that no matter how many distractions, i.e., people come in your life, what matters the most is that how you handle everything and keep your soulmate above all. There were many incidents and instances where Mr and Mrs Bhatia, who are both working in different companies and environments, got a chance to indulge into someone else's company, but the couple was aware of their one true calling.

Best friends before lovers 

Milind and Deepika were best friends for eight consecutive years before they finally decided to get married. The couple says that earlier they were friends, but now they have turned into best friends post their marriage. Isn't that surprising to know that such love and unique bond still exists in the world where people run behind temporary satisfaction and gratification?

You can fight all odds if you have that one person by your side

The couple has faced a lot of tough times in life and is still together, more than fighting all odds their love has grown with time, and it has become more evident and strong. Here are Mr and Mrs Pandey teaching the millennials how you can stick to one person for a lifetime and your problems become their problems, and the way you two find solutions to them makes you a better duo altogether. 

Age is just a number, so is distance 

My faith in love has increased after listening to the story of Mr and Mrs Beri who lived in different countries, and have an age gap of nine years but have managed to stay together through thick and thin. They have two beautiful daughters who always feel proud in sharing their love story with everyone. Cover image source: RediffThat's all people. If you have any story to share on this Valentine's Day let me know in the comment section below. You can also write to me at muskan@wittyfeed.com