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PadMan Turns PrankMan: These Behind the Scenes Pictures Show How Fun Loving Akshay Kumar Is 

Akshay Kumar's film which finally released on Friday (Feb 9, 2018), after being postponed because of the Padmaavat controversy, recently experienced a great response from his fans and the critics. The makers of PadMan recently released a behind-the-scenes\ video which shows how quirky and funny Akshay Kumar is. He pulled a prank on everyone on the sets, including his co-stars Sonam Kapoor and Radhika Apte. Even the director of the film R. Balki supported Akshay and became a part of all the pranks. From sticking funny posters on everyone's back to throwing a fake lizard on everyone on the sets, Akshay did it all to make the process of this film's making memorable and interesting. Why don't you check it out for yourself?

Akshay and Sonam's moment 

This picture shows the amount of good time that they had. Sonam couldn't stop herself from sharing the BTS images on her Twitter and Instagram.

OMG! Is that a real lizard?

This one shocked the wits out of me. *Yes, that's obviously not a real lizard.*

Akshay Kumar and his quirk 

Akshay Kumar stuck funny posters behind everyone's back and played pranks with them on the sets. The surprising part is, no one got offended by his pranks, and everyone enjoyed it. 

I am a sex machine 

I'm not sure if this one is worth mentioning but I had a big laugh watching it. 

Even the lizard got scared, maybe

The lizard with which Radhika posed was thrown on one of the supporting actors in the film who got scared as hell, and Akshay Kumar ultimately ended up laughing. 

He did not spare the little one 

Akshay tickled the little kid and made it a point that he was comfortable on the sets. 

Oh, that look though

Akshay never gives a damn about who is there in front of him. If he is in his fun mood he makes it a point that everyone becomes a part of it. 

Reel PadMan with the real PadMan 

He was captured with the real PadMan Arunachalam Muruganantham, where both of them shared a candid moment and Akshay acted as if he was punching him. 

Sonam looks adorable 

Sonam's candid picture from the rain dance is super cute and it is giving us goals. 

Radhika's heart skipped a beat 

Akshay played a prank with his on-set wife Radhika as well and it did scare the actress but she enjoyed it.