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Code, Encode, Decode! Hilarious Situations That Every Computer Engineer Has Been Through

Aren't they all apt?


We all have an engineer friend who is the butt of all our jokes, but to be honest they are the ones who work hard from attending all those classes, giving those entrance exams to surviving the college for four years and still managing to pass with less than 60 percent. What we fail to understand is that it is these engineers who have made our life easy. But they also agree that they have lived a restricted life, and are brave enough to joke about it Let's take a look at some of the hilarious things that these engineers go through:


Even the smallest of the codes can hold you back for hours

Your work will never end on time. You might just have to put in some extra unintended hours with a small code. Who would have thought that small code could hold you back?

The relatives rant

All your relatives come to you to get their electronics fixed. Also, they think you can hack into any of the websites. 

Weekend! Wait, what weekend?

Weekends were meant to be stress-free, with absolutely no work and you spending some quality time with your friends and your family. Well, those once in a blue moon weekend sure do come but you have to make peace with the fact that it is not a regular scenario.


Two most important things- peace and coffee

With all the havoc and late night coding, all you need is some peace to stay focused and some coffee to stay awake to focus.

That feeling when your code runs in the first attempt

You feel on top of the world when your code runs in the first attempt. Such rare moments are to be cherished in life.


Showcase your coding skills

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