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Rush to Your Crush: Famous Bollywood Celebrities Who Married their Fans 

We all daydream about meeting our favorite stars. Don't we? In fact, most of us imagine a meet and greet with them, some commoners even cross lengths and dream about marrying their favorite stars. And it is absolutely okay to do so. Luckily, for some people, this thought or imaginative instinct worked so well that they actually got married to the celebrity they always admired and looked up to in their life. I know, you won't believe me, so why don't you read on and find out what's the actual scene in detail? Also, I am pretty sure this piece is going to give many an inspiration to rush to their celebrity crush right now. You never know, someday you too might end up as their spouse. *wink* 

1. Mumtaz and Mayur Madhvani

Ugandan business tycoon Mayur Madhvani had a huge crush on actress Mumtaz who charmed almost everyone with her moves and her acting skills. The couple got married in 1974 and are proud parents of two daughters Natasha and Tanya Madhvani. Their daughter Natasha, went ahead and married famous Bollywood actor Fardeen Khan. 

2. Madhuri Dixit and Sriram Madhav Nene

Interestingly, when Sriram met and got engaged to Madhuri Dixit in a completely arranged setup, he was not aware of her fan following. It was reported that, after getting engaged to the dhak-dhak girl Dr. Nene got the DVDs of her films and watched them. That's when he realised he was marrying a superstar. 

3. Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar 

The beautiful actress had a childhood crush on Dilip Kumar and when the actor proposed her she simply couldn't decline the offer. The couple got married on October 11,1966. The actor was 44 and Saira Banu was merely 22 then. They are still going strong even after 50 years. 

4. Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra

Shilpa has a perfect body, smile and charm to make any man go crazy for her. She has had many admirers all her life and among them was British businessman Raj Kundra. The duo got married on November 22, 2009. 

5. Shobha Kapoor and Jeetendra 

Jeetendra had a massive fan following back then, thanks to his looks. Shobha Kapoor had a huge crush on the actor when she was working as an air hostess in a British Airlines. She had always dreamed of marrying the actor and the couple finally got hitched in 1974 at Janki Kutir. 

6. Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani 

Businessman Bharat Takhtani was in awe of Bollywood actress Esha Deol right from childhood. The couple knew each other right from childhood but somehow they lost touch and eventually united when they grew up. The duo got married in 2012. 

7. Priyanka Alva and Vivek Oberoi 

Priyanka Alva married Vivek in an arranged set up but later she confessed that she had a huge crush on the actor. 

8. Avantika Malik and Imran Khan

The handsome hunk shocked everyone when he introduced his wife after the achievement that he got post his debut film. Avantika had a crush on Imran since childhood and the couple was in a relationship for ten years. 

9. Dimple Kapadia and Rajesh Khanna 

Dimple was sweet 16 while Rajesh was fifteen years elder to her when the couple decided to get married. Dimple was a huge fan of Rajesh Khanna and it was indeed a dream come true moment for her when they got married. Although the couple separated after nine years of togetherness. Cover image credits: India Times, India Today.That's all people. If you have something to add to this, let me know in the comment section below. You can also write to me at muskan@wittyfeed.com.