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Tech Fests Expose You To The Technological World. Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Miss One

Life is full of experiences, adventures, success, failures, and the list goes on. College life happens to be one of those phases where we experience it all and are exposed to a whole new surrounding. Well apart from studying that is. To the uninitiated, tech fests are the best way to achieve great heights, where knowledge is present in abundance and creativity is flowing everywhere. Not to mention, when you participate in such fests, you get to know about several technological innovations and developments. It's not limited to that; the experts who come as speakers can enlighten you, the exhibits (projects) can inspire you to grow as an individual and embrace the changing times. So, without further ado, here are five activities which are a part of tech fest and the reason why you shouldn't miss out on them.

Machine learning

Well, with every second gone, technology is evolving, and that's why a tech fest becomes crucial in your life since it brings a glimpse of an entire year to you. Machine learning is one of the latest trends in the tech world, and you get to have the best insights from the workshops conducted around the same. There are more things to look forward to, keep scrolling.

Events clusters

This is one of the best parts of a tech fest, where a college organises photography contests, smart grid modelling, general quizzes, etc., bringing an opportunity for your all-round development. 

Campus ambassador

Once you participate in annual technical symposiums, you will also benefit from waivers and discounts on workshops, cash incentives, letter of appreciation, and lots more.


It's the best way to develop as an individual. When you write a research paper, you make a lot of efforts to gather material, prepare for presentations and participate in colloquiums. And if you succeed in writing a good paper then there's a high chance that it gets published in some journal.

Coding competitions

Nothing new, right? Well, it gets exciting when several other college students are competing against you and glory awaits. These competitions intensify when conducted on a large scale like tech fests.So, how can you be a part of such tech fests?


CURRENTS is the annual national level technical symposium of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli. The last edition saw over a thousand participants, and the latest edition of CURRENTS is scheduled to happen from 15 to 18 February 2018 at NIT, Tiruchirappalli. With 8 workshops and 9 events (some are online) already lined up, CURRENTS is sure to electrify all those who participate. Online events like Capture Currents and Code Currents have seen entries from participants across the globe. The 8 workshops will be aimed at introducing students to the latest technologies available, right from Smart Home Automation to Human-Computer Interaction. Various events are aimed at catering to a wide variety of interest groups from coding to photography, a quiz to simulating in MATLAB, CURRENTS has it all. The fest will witness Guest Lectures from people at the top of their fields. Mr K. Ramesh Kumar, Co-founder and COO, Hotify, Mr Baburao Kuchipudi, Principal Member, R&D-Electronics, TAFE Ltd and Mr Paventhan Arumugam, Director(R&D) with ERNET India are some of the notable speakers who will be presenting their views during CURRENTS. All in all, CURRENTS has a wide variety of events, workshops and guest lectures which are sure to enthrall all those who participate.Do you want to? For more information, please visit here.