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Places in Mumbai You Should Consider If You Want to Spot Celebrities

Hello folks, I am flying to Mumbai tomorrow morning. Flying to this city of dreams has always been a fascinating thing for me because I'm obsessed with the places in and around Mumbai because of the fact that you have high chances of spotting celebrities anywhere and everywhere.  Considering the trip in mind, I made mental notes and drafted a list of places where it will be super easy for me to spot celebrities and get some selfies clicked that I can flaunt on social media. Here is a chronological list of places that I am going to visit when in Mumbai.  

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

The first and foremost excursion where there are high chances of spotting a celebrity is the Mumbai International Airport. Because one of my friends shared with me that once he bumped into Kareena Kapoor at the airport, later he got to know Kareena was travelling to Dubai at that time.  

Bandstand Promenade, Bandra 

Love the sea facing view? Well, most of the celebrities also love the view that Bandra has to offer. Not to forget, it is also a hub for the residence of many. This place would definitely be my go-to destination when I will feel like letting that breeze seep into my body and yes, of course, spotting a star would be the icing on the cake.

Hakkasan, Bandra 

I love Chinese, and for all those stars who love to hog the Chinese cuisines, this place is the best one in the town. You can spot many celebs here like Arbaaz Khan, Yuvraj Singh, etc.  

Pali Hill Cafe 

This place is one of the favourite places of famous actress Kareena Kapoor Khan, who also happens to be my favourite actress. The place gives a vintage feel and serves Mediterranean food. It has a very chill environment and you can easily spot some stars like Kareena, Katrina, etc., having a good time here. 

JW Marriott Mumbai, Juhu

One can never go wrong with this one. Marriott is a quaint place with various perks. One can easily spot a celebrity here having either a great meal at the restaurant or for some event. Their restaurant Mezzo Mezzo is Amitabh Bachchan's favourite place to dine in. 

Olive Bar & Kitchen

This place has a bitter connection with Bollywood and some celebrities. The much-talked-about Shah Rukh and Salman brawl took place here in 2008 and Salman also collared Ranbir in the very same cafe for a reason unknown to people. Despite all these relations of this place with B-Town, I would still visit here because I am a Salman Khan fan.     

Balaji Telefilms Ltd. House, Andheri (West) 

The office and residence of Ekta Kapoor invites various stars on an everyday basis. Don't believe me? Check it out yourself when in Mumbai.    

Film City   

This was so obvious. All I gotta do is sign-up for a 2 hour guided bus tour that takes the passenger through the studio, film-history archives and some sets (fingers crossed).  

Prithvi Cafe

At any given point in time, this place has some or the other film or scripts being discussed here. If I get lucky enough, I might as well spot someone there.That's all, people. Wish me good luck. *wink*So, if you are someone who is already in Mumbai, or planning to go to Mumbai, share your experience with me at muskan@wittyfeed.com.