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Singers, Musicians, Artists, and More. Things to Expect from a College Fest

College fests are full of cultural activities, energetic vibes, and high spirits. When a college is gearing up for the fests, everything on the campus, from students to teachers, everyone is in high spirits. The notice boards are full of posters about different activities organised by the different societies in the college.Accept it! Whether you're a graduate today or still studying in college, you miss the days when you decked up to attend the event. Yes, a college's cultural fest only goes on for a couple of days but, the memories created then always stay with you. All the late night preparations, cut-throat competitions, mind-blowing performances. You get the gist. But what we waited for with all excitement was the college to declare which band is coming for performance. We always looked forward to singers, dancers, musicians, artists, and their acts; here I am telling you about a couple of bands which you should not miss out on.So, the next time you hear that any of these bands are coming to your college, don't miss the chance to have a blast.

Parikrama Band

"Orbital revolutions" - that is what the band's name means. They have several live performances, and original numbers to their credit. One of the colleges where they have given a live performance is Miranda House (a college in Delhi). The rock and roll band was formed in Delhi in the year 1991, and has been spreading its charm ever since. If you haven't been able to attend their live concerts, keep an eye out for the lineup of college fests; you might get a chance to see them perform live. We aren't out of options though, keep scrolling to know other bands who might be performing at your nearby college.

Bandish Band

An Indi-Rock band, yet again from Delhi, was formed in the year 2006. Christopher Powell (former member of the group Euphoria) was the one responsible for the formation of Bandish. To add to that Powell is considered to be one of India’s most respected drummer and percussionist. The band has a strong fan-following in colleges across India. But, we haven't finished yet, there are more bands to explore.

Sanam Band

A band which has earned the title of India's One Direction because of their quick success is also known as Fab Four. Sanam was formed in the year 2013 and now has its base set up in Mumbai. It's always great to have renditions of old classic Bollywood songs as well as original music in a college fest. You can enjoy it too, the next time they perform in a college near you.

Raeth Band

Remember the song Bhula Do? It was Raeth's debut song and also became number one on MTV Top Charts in 2006. The Indian-Pakistani Sufi pop-rock band - Raeth comprises of two members as of today but initially had four members namely Wajhi Farooki (vocals), Sunny Ghansham (rhythm guitarist), Mustafa Asad (bass) and Former Members Hasan Farabi (lead guitar).

Miranda House Annual Cultural Fest

Tempest is the annual cultural fest of Miranda House, the best college in the country (MHRD rating, 2017). Extended over a period of 3 days, it is a journey of fun, excitement and memories. Bands like the Parikrama, Bandish, Sanam and Raeth Band have performed at the captivating Band Night of Tempest in the years gone by. The spellbinding music of DJ Vanmoon and the energetic dancing of DJ Carnivore have given some crazy hard-to-forget memories to every Mirandian.The dazzling star night has observed the presence of many well-known faces like Shilpa Rao, Arijit Singh, Sona Mohapatra, Neeti and Shakti Mohan, and recently Mohammad Irfan. They sand with abandon danced with rapture, and so did the spectators.This year, Tempest will be held on February 20, 21, and 22. Throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor. The journey has begun!You can contact them at mirandahousestudentsunion@gmail.com