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Indian Games Which Bring Out The Kid In You. It’s The Moments That Matter

Games have always been the best way to spend quality time with friends and family. Whether it is board games or cards, more than losing or winning, the moments shared together is what matters more. After a long day at work or that one hour break in between exam preparations, we have always looked forward to some refreshment and relaxation and mostly to play cricket with friends. While some games require a lot of efforts and arrangements, talking about desi games like tambola, all you need is a bit of luck and attentiveness. With each number called out, hopes alleviate, and we wait for the opportune moment when we can shout - Bingo! Well, that's just one of the many games we still play and the kid inside us comes out along with a lot of childhood memories. Here's a list of a couple of games which you'd want to play right away and challenge your friends. Have a look!


From being a pro at shooting that pile of 7 stones to running as if I'm on fire, that was a good time, indeed. But, more than the game, to find those perfectly shaped stones in 7 different sizes felt like a treasure hunt. Well, if you happen to be the person who carries different interests, then don't worry, we have more for you.


Next comes marbles or as I love to call Kanche! It's almost unbelievable when I used to have innumerable marbles, and with every win, more would add to my small bag full of achievements. It might sound childish to some, but it is undoubtedly a time when every kid has experienced victory before they knew the meaning of it.

Gilli Danda

To what some may call an amateur sport, I can vouch that you'll enjoy playing it more than cricket, even today. And, indeed doesn't need much of an apparatus or a ground to play. Happens to be one of the toughest games in this list today, a small curved piece of wood pointed on both sides (gilli), and a long stick (danda) was all that was required to play it. Do you happen to be like me who could never hit the gilli? The next game is the easiest then.


Being alert is all tambola requires from you. As the host/conductor announces a number, you strike off that number on the chit (piece of paper with random numbers printed on it). Times have changed though; now, good things take time. A number a day, that's the Dainik Bhaskar way. All those who purchase the newspaper have already started to get a new number each day, and the recipients are striking off the numbers. The lucky ones will get some attractive prizes on winning the game.What are you waiting for? Subscribe to Dainik Bhaskar today, before you miss out on the golden opportunity to win big.