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Giving Chand Nawab Competition, This Pakistan Journalist Covers His Own Wedding

Remember Nawazuddin Siddiqui's character from Bajrangi Bhaijaan? Yes, Chand Nawab. Did you know that it is based on a real-life journalist from Pakistan by that name?Chand Nawab is known for his epic piece to camera, the videos of which have gone viral on the internet from time to time.Well, looks like Chand Nawab has competition.  

Meet Hanan Bukhari of City 41 channel.

A journalist is known to have a tough life and is expected to be on the toes 24*7. But Hanan Bukhari took his love for his job to a whole new level.   

He actually reported his wedding LIVE!

Belonging to the city of Razabad, Pakistan, Bukhari appeared on air in his wedding attire. He not only live cast his wedding but interviewed his mother-in-law, father and also his mother. He even interviewed his wife, "I got you sports cars, heavy bikes, what would you like to say?"   

"I felt very nice that you fulfilled my wish, I hope you continue to fulfill my wishes in future as well," she responded.

This did not go very well with twitterati, who questioned what journalism was all about.