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A Story of Sikh Regiment 1 of the Indian Army Through the Lens of Cinema

What do most people do on weekends? Well, one of the things is going to a theatre to watch a film and have a good time. But while we whistle and clap at an actor's arrival on screen, we hardly think about the work that has gone into making that scene or a movie a success. And just so you know more efforts go into making a documentary. Here is one such documentary, a thriller based on the life of Subedar Joginder Singh. Ring any bells? We go back to the year 1962 when the Sikh Regiment 1 of the Indian Army was guarding the border of Tawang sector at Tongpen La, IB Ridge, Bum La against numerous Chinese enemies. Despite the Chinese being heavily outnumbered, Subedar Joginder Singh, the commander of the 11th platoon of Delta Company, kept the morale of his men boosted.Here we have a film inspired by the life Subedar Joginder Singh, the man whose name is synonymous with courage, the man who is an epitome of self-sacrifice and extraordinary bravery. The makers of Subedar Joginder Singh, have done their best to bring out the events and incidents of his life, most authentically.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes footage released by the makers is sending shivers down everyone’s spine for obvious reasons. Biting cold temperature, trekking across rough and bumpy terrains, turbulent winds in Drass-Kargil on one hand, and uninterrupted working in the scorching and sultry weather of Suratgarh, Rajasthan on the other, didn’t stop the crew from doing their bit to make this film possible. This much-anticipated biopic of the Param Vir Chakra recipient ‘Subedar Joginder Singh’ is all set to release on the April 6, 2018 worldwide.