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Men at WittyFeed Posed for the PadMan Challenge, This is What They Have to Say About Menstruation 

What is your first reaction when you see a woman carrying a SANITARY PAD?Feel shy? Get uncomfortable? We still see women hide their sanitary napkins with a newspaper or black plastic polythene so that no one can see what's inside it. I mean, what are you carrying? RDX? Something that can cause an explosion? Who are you, a terrorist? Who are you ashamed of? If this is your thinking and you also hide the fact that you are bleeding, I want you to STOP.The times have changed, and men from this generation are supporting the cause. Today, I asked my male colleagues to gather and pose with a sanitary pad. The instant feeling that I had for them was pride and respect. I guess the times have ACTUALLY changed and so should we. Here are some men from WittyFeed, trying to break the menstruation taboo with the PadMan Challenge. 

Vinay Singhal, Co-founder and CEO

“I had never seen a sanitary pad in my twenty-four years of existence and one fine day my then girlfriend and now wife, Anu Singhal got it in her purse and showed me how a sanitary pad actually looks like,” shared our CEO. Mrs Singhal is definitely a forward-looking woman who wants men to be comfortable and vocal about such issues. The world, and most importantly we as the citizens have come a long way and I am glad that men are more aware, curious and helpful towards menstruation. 

Parveen Singhal, Co-founder and CCO

“We must offer extra sanitary pads and some aids to the maids and female domestic helpers of our households along with their monthly salary because they are not aware of the importance of such products. Nor can they afford it,” says our CCO. 

Arpit Soni, Director of Photography & Associate Designer

Just like all Bollywood stars, men at WittyFeed initiated this campaign and made it a point that they create an impact on the minds of all young and old minds. 

Kunal Kumrawat, Senior Writer 

"Periods are seen with the feeling of disgust not only in India but a lot of other countries. We're all educated enough to understand that it's a biological process and inseparable part of someone's life. Break this taboo. #PadManChallengeAccepted," says Kunal. 

Ambar Verman, Senior Writer

Ambar shared an incident where one of his female friends had to face embarrassment in public due to menstruation because she had no aids to help her at the moment. He still wishes for the day when women do not have to carry their sanitary pads in newspapers or dark coloured polythenes so that no one can see. 

Prakash Matre, SEO Manager

He is usually a quiet person in the office but when the time for volunteering for a good cause came, Matre sir was among the first men to say that he will contribute his share in breaking this taboo. 

Utkarsh Chansauliya, VFX Editor 

Today, I can proudly say that men have been able to manage and handle the stigma associated with periods and the society is moving forward in the right direction. 

Devesh Verma, Head of Audience Research and Development

"Time has changed, the world has evolved, but we never talk about the most crucial part of the world's population, women and that's periods. Let's break the taboo #PadManChallengeAccepted," quoted our Head of Content Strategy.

Abhishek Jain, Accountant 

Abhishek thinks beyond the taboo and wishes for his nation, BHARAT ,to flourish and become a taboo-free nation. 

Himanshu Dubey, Editor (Hindi) 

He didn’t shy away in holding a sanitary pad and shared his views with me very comfortably. He shared his wish that he wants all the women in the world to get these sanitary napkins for free whenever they need it. 

Harsh Sharma, Storyteller 

It feels great to see men from different backgrounds come together and share a common interest which is the comfort of women. 

Anand Singh, Assisstant Developer

"Real men do bleed, so do real women. It's natural, get over it, Let's break the taboo," says Anand Singh. He wants men to not make this thing a great deal. As said and quoted by the director of the film PadMan, R.Balki, Anand too wants people to treat periods as normal as anything else in the world. 

Harshit Bajpai, Content Strategist

There's nothing to feel shameful. It is just a pad, and just as these men are comfortable holding it, we want all women to feel comfortable while holding or using a sanitary pad. 

Ankit Raj Bachchan, Head of Social Media

Women face period shaming on an everyday basis. Be it at work, at home or even at public places. This is to give more power to those women who are facing it all and are saying nothing about it. That's all people. If you have something to say let us know in the comment section below. You can also write to me at muskan@wittyfeed.com.