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Conversations That Show Parents' Bond With Their Unborn Child  

“Knock-knock? Mommy, are you asleep?”“Oww, who’s it?”“YOUR UNBORN CHILD.”“Ohh, I’m not up, go swim in the small pool that you have.”Such are the conversations that I have with my baby almost every single day. We listen to good music; we dance together, we cook meals, I read books to this little munchkin. We are together 24*7. You think that sounds clingy and the baby might get irritated? Guess what? The baby loves to be here. We share some inside jokes, yes, inside jokes. Because the baby is still inside me. The connect that we have cannot be described in words but let me give it a try for you to understand the special bond that a mother has with her unborn child.

Oh, I’m pregnant.

When I was given this news, there was no first reaction to it. A sudden sense of belongingness and possessiveness started, and that’s when I knew I was actually going to give birth to someone, that I was actually going to be responsible for a life on this planet.  

I am always conscious and careful.

“Mommy, walk slow, you are disturbing my bed. Also, you might just trip.”My child tells me when I brisk walk in the morning. I think the baby is still in his sleep. “Calm down,” I tell the munchkin and both of us cherish the moment of concern and care that we have for each other. 

What should I buy for you? 

When I go shopping, and I see something cute, I often ask the little bump what should I buy? Whether I should get all the girly stuff or boyish stuff? What if the baby won't like what I have got? I simply give up the doubt and start asking for suggestions from the baby, but the naughty munchkin never answers in the first go. The baby calls it a surprise and shrugs it off.   

Time for Dadzuu to bond with you. 

*Plays a good music*  Experts say that if you want to instil a quality or artistic interest in your child, it has to start before the birth because babies grow holistically when in the womb. One of my colleagues Mr Mayur Sethi also did the same, the couple always wanted their kid to have an inclination towards music, and that’s when they decided to provide the same environment to the baby. Today, they have a cute daughter Aarvi who sings and dances and makes everyone smile.  

The acceptance phase.

“Bub, do you like the music?”*And the baby kicks, so we know he’s enjoying*  The baby also accepted mum's choice of music and started living with it in the little private space that was provided. I think this is the best possible way to show a child’s innocence and how open they are to accepting things. This is how fathers, who are not that connected with the child, make a bond with the baby.

I cherish every second I have spent with the baby.

“Mum, are you fine? What’s wrong? Did Nana give some new set of instructions again?” - Baby says.And I am in awe of the sensibility that the child already has. Isn’t it amazing to have someone who is always with you? "Everything will be fine, mumma; you are going to be okay."Sometimes, a pregnant woman just needs time and space for herself. Space to have leisure moments with the child. Some 'ME' time that only these two are going to cherish. 

When I see other kids with their moms.

"Hey, you see those babies kissing their mum? We are also gonna do all that once you are out of my belly," says the mother. I'd always say this to the life inside me, but a sense of doubt would haunt me at the same time. Will I ever be that good, mum? If dad would ever scold you, I'll be there to protect you from his anger. We'll be like friends. 

A father's excitement.

Another colleague shared the thoughts that are really close to his heart when it comes to the birth of a child. The way his baby would eagerly wait for his arrival at home after a tiring day at work, the way his little bundle of joy would react to the situations, it is all just magical. 

Mr. Mayank Batra and his family.

You see the little bump? That's baby Souren.   Mr. Batra shared his experience of that epiphanic realisation when he got to know he was about to be a father. The excitement and happiness in his eyes were evident. He surely is a proud father, the first time he got goosebumps was the time when he heard his child breathing in the sonography. This experience speaks volumes of how attached you can get to someone who is not even born yet. 

Little Tiana waiting for her younger sibling.

Here's his elder daughter waiting for her sibling to step into the world of wonders. You guys make a cute and perfect family. Disclaimer: This article is the voice of all the parents and parents-to-be.  Cover image source: iPleaders BlogThese were my thoughts depending on the experiences of people around me. If you too have something to share, let me know in the comment section below.  You can also write to me at muskan@wittyfeed.com.