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Everyone Should Know about These Privileges Given to Cancer Patients in India

Cancer.Ek aisi bimari jiska naam sunte se hi humaari rooh kaap jaati hai...Isn't it true? This disease claims millions of lives all over the world every year. Although doctors are constantly fighting to find a cure with some success, God knows how much time it will take to reach India. All those sessions of chemotherapy and radiations, all the nights spent crying and struggling, the cancer patients are the real fighters. Because the journey isn't easy.Around 2.5 million people are living with cancer in India. That's a huge number, isn't it? Fighting such a deadly disease, the number of cancer patients all over the world is even higher. The question is, what can help them? Not talking about the medical advancements, not discussing the pain undergone during the process, isn't there anything we can do to help them in everyday lives?Well, there is. And this initiative is taken by the government and it is definitely worth knowing.Take a look.


Every year, over 7 lakh people are diagnosed with cancer. More than 3.9 lakh people die due to this disease, every year and often in the age group of just between 30-69 years.

Railway exemption

Cancer patients can travel in trains at zero cost. The attender or bystander only needs to pay 25% of the actual II class fare. This concession is applicable when they are travelling for medical purposes. These numbers change depending upon the situation.

Air travel concession

The cancer patient only has to pay 50% of the basic fare of the economy class. The concession is available to residents of India who are suffering from cancer and are travelling for the purpose of medical treatment or check up.

Cancer Patient Fund

For the cancer patients living below the poverty line, a corpus fund of over ₹100 crores has been set apart by the Ministry of Health. Having an income of less than ₹27,000 p.a. qualifies people as being below poverty line.

Rashtriya Arogya Nidhi

Also, such people can avail a one time grant of up to ₹5,00,000 (in emergency cases) depending upon the seriousness of their medical condition.

Central Government Health Scheme

This one is for the retired central government employees and dependents, where they get coverage for treatment at approved rates from any hospital.

Cancer Suraksha Scheme

The government of Kerala offers a scheme where they provide free cancer treatment to children below 18 years old.

Aarogyasri Scheme

This scheme is available in the state of Telangana where financial protection is given to families living under the poverty line. Monetary aid is provided up to ₹2,00,000 in one year.

Income Tax relief

Not that any of this can take the pain away, but still the government gives income tax relief to the patients suffering from cancer under Section 80DDB.

What do you think?

The government is doing a lot to improve the scenario for cancer patients in India. Are you satisfied? Or do you have some suggestions? I would love to know your opinions.Sources: Data, Railway, Air travel Write to me at ankita@wittyfeed.com to share feedback, suggestions or anything else!