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Twitterati Lashes Out Against Website That Offers ‘Made-To-Order’ Brides

Marriages are still considered a start of an adventure in one’s life, but with that adventure also comes several expectations. Traditionally, there is only one kind of marriage in India, an arranged marriage, where parents take the lead in finding a suitable spouse for their son or daughter.This concept, although prevalent from years varies from family to family, as every house wants a girl who is compatible enough with the family. Some families want the girl to be gharelu, while some want a girl from a foreign land and many want a girl who gives up their careers after marriage.The harsh reality of today's society is that we still have unfair expectations from girls to change themselves just for the sake of marriage.We came across a website that allowed men to meet tailor-made brides, based on their qualifications and social status. Yes, you read that right, India’s first match-making portal is here to help you find a bride who is perfect for you.

My Soni Kudi

The website's description itself reads, “Our dream was simple – to offer only the best brides for your needs in a convenient, categorised and easy-to-pick website, whether you’re the prospective groom or the mother-in-law.”Followed by “We guarantee that our almost ‘made-to-measure’ brides will wow, astound and impress you, your son, your relatives and your neighbours!”Within hours of its launch, the website received thousands of registrations and queries from prospective grooms, also there were various people on Twitter accusing the founders of the website for categorising brides.

'Made-To-Order' brides? Clearly can't get over this. 

We totally agree with Ved Prakash, marriages are about understanding, and not about satisfying demands. 

*Take a bow* Women shouldn't ever be customised. 

After several reactions, the original intention of the website was revealed along with the 'Change Her Not' campaign which instantly became viral.The campaign's core objective was to showcase how women will no longer accept or change according to the society,  and how they have full control over shaping their destinies. Not only this, but celebrities also addressed the issue of categorising women as 'marriage objects'.

Gul Panag got multiple media queries on what this appalling website was about.Surely the #ChangeHerNot campaign was a success, however a-lot still needs to be changed about the unfair expectations the society has from a prospective bride.

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