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Epic Dialogues From 'Andaz Apna Apna' You Must Recall Right Now

The scope of narration and dialogue delivery is very vast in Bollywood. Every now and then we watch a film, and one of the lines hits our mind so hard that we try to use them in real-life situations. Aamir Khan and Salman Khan starrer Andaz Apna Apna is that one film which will give you many such lines. If you call yourself a real Bollywood fan and you did not watch Andaz Apna Apna, you are probably living under a rock, and you need to get the DVD of the film RIGHT NOW. Recently, I rewatched the film after a long time, and I simply couldn't stop myself from sharing the hilarious dialogues from the film with you all.Here is the compilation of the best dialogues for you. 

People, welcome Mr. Gogo! 

Crime Master Gogo is by far the most hilarious and entertaining thief and villain. His personality, dialogues and dress up are still so popular and people simply can't get over him. 

Feeling cheated? 

Because you are cheated. Amar and Prem have that power and quirk which will make you feel intelligent while they are in the process of fooling you very badly. 

Haaye haaye re haaye yeh ladke... 

Do you also have that one friend who you never look eye to eye in the initial phase of knowing them? And then, later they become your best friend? These two characters of the film will remind you of the same. 

This one is on everyone's mind ever since Gogo used it for the very first time.

And the way he used it, people still use it the same way. 

Gogo's job 

This is by far the most honest thing a thief has ever said about himself. 

Something that I tell my friend every day.

This is something that I tell my close friend often and she also appreciates it. 

What is Teja? 

I have been trying to figure out the meaning of Teja ever since the film was released. 

This one's for all those toota-phoota friends we have.

Amar uses these lines for Prem and that marks the beginning of these character's love-hate relationship.  

Bajaj and his historical line

This line is the most epic line in the film. Bajaj makes plans of getting a factory and manufacturing bread and supplying eggs, here's to all those big dreams that go in vain.   

The confusion was real.

Did you also get confused as to who was the real Teja? 

Gogo's threat 

Looks like Gogo needs to learn to threaten people. 

What a logic!

Raveena's logic of naming Amar aka Aamir, Teelu is funny. 

Salman is here! 

Doctor Prem, enters the house as an expert for Teelu's illness, this one is for those days when he wished for people to know that he has a lot of experience. 

Epic threat 

The game of words is played really well in this one. 

Kiske mama ki gun hai? 

This one was another hilarious punch. No matter how hard we try, such films can't be recreated. Andaz Apna Apna is a masterpiece in itself. Poster Credits: Ishita BansalThat's all, people. If you have something to say, let me know in the comment section below. You can also share your thoughts with me at muskan@wittyfeed.com.