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If You Are Beardiful, You Will Relate To These Struggles Of Having Beard  

"Arrey, yeh baccha kiska kho gaya hai?"Bhai, teri girlfriend nahi hai chalega, par beard nahi hai? Yeh kaise chalega?These are some common lines that most guys who don't have a beard tend to hear often. I have had friends who have a beard and society literally judges them for having one. They get constant taunts from their parents on getting it trimmed or shaved.Trust me, I am a girl, but I can understand this struggle. There have been various men out there who get super irritated and frustrated when people ask them to get rid of their beards. WittyFeed has come up with a unique video on the same, why don't you check it out yourself?  

Here's the complete video!

Watch it and share it with your BEARD-iful friends and let them know the importance of having a beard. You can also write to me at muskan@wittyfeed.com.