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Did you Catch the Super Blue Blood Moon after 150 years with Tata Motors?

Technology has aided hugely in creating some memorable moments in life and thereby saving it. Whether it is a birthday celebration or a family get-together, we all have our smartphones ready to capture all the festivities around and cherish them for life. What if you aren't there physically?It has become highly convenient for us today to effortlessly connect with friends and family over the Internet, and applications like Instagram assist us in sharing these moments with everyone. Same applies to following celebrities and their lifestyles. We have always fancied the lives led by celebrities and want to know everything that they do. And, platforms like Instagram and its instafeed feature help us follow what they're doing especially on occasions like New Year's, Christmas Eve or even the Super Blue Blood Moon.Don't know what that is? Neither did we, until we came across this initiative by Tata Motors. What did they do? See for yourself.

The trifecta

We all love to sit under the clouds, the vast infinite sky full of stars with a bright glowing moon in it. Well, I happen to be a skywatcher, and it was pure bliss on the night of January 31 when a Blue Moon, a total lunar eclipse, and a supermoon coincided.


Tata Motors carries the core philosophy at heart of connecting people and their aspirations, hence #ChaseTheSuperMoon. They chose to communicate a broader meaning of the metaphor “reaching for the moon” and asked users of Instagram to share their snaps. Hundreds took notice of the activity including photographers and even celebrities like Sonam Kapoor.

Even celebrities joined in

The extremely rare celestial event took place after 150 years, and to commemorate the rarity of the event, Tata Motors also chose to make the event memorable in the lives of people by making the night a part of their initiative. Tata Motors wanted to celebrate this once in a lifetime event and hence asked people to share their captures of the night through Instagram, and so they did.The activity was so meticulously planned that not only did it coincide with the Super Blue Blood Moon, but also attracted entries from across the nation. Tata Motors then took some of the best entries they received and showcased them across all their pages on social media.

Peeping through the gate

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