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Here Is How a Trip to Goa Can Make You an Entrepreneur

India, a country with the significant population falling under the age 35 has become the fastest growing startup landscape in the world. The mindset of the youngsters have taken a major shift, instead of choosing a stable 9 to 5 job, they have started to choose a career path which is now more impactful and challenging. A path of starting something of their own.Today, the Indian ecosystem is emerging with creative ideas that need to be channelised correctly and guided regarding acceleration, scaling and funding. In 2017, more than 1000 startups were added, making India the third largest startup ecosystem.To support startups and put things in order, summits take place where several entrepreneurs pitch their startup concept to potential investors, creating mutually benefitting relationships.Being a part of these startup summits helps one to interact with students, angel investors, corporates, accelerators, freelancers, working professionals, industry experts, and academics to collaborate with their prospects and grow professionally. A similar non-formal startup event will be happening in Goa, India on March 6-11, 2018.

So what is Seaside Startup Summit?  

Seaside Startup Summit India (SSS) is a unique startup event which is being organised in a form of a tent camp. It is just the perfect platform for startups to connect with several investors to pitch their startup ideas and win prizes, along with learning about the Indian market and in the meantime, have a lot of fun.More than 150 early age startups and 100 investors will be coming together to make this event a bridge between the startup ecosystems worldwide. SSS India will also have over 200 guests who will have the opportunity to communicate with the participants and take part in the workshop and talks.

What’s so unique?

Throughout the 7 days of the summit, participants will have the opportunity to share mode of life, make new friends, and valuable connections. Apart from this, they would also be provided with co-working space where they can collectively work with their teams.A place where startups get a chance to have matching sessions with their potential investors. Matching sessions are perfect, where the two sides come together to talk about further possibilities of their cooperation.

Things to look out for

One of the most important sections of this summit are the workshops. They are an irreplaceable part of the education division that the summit provides. Leaders from all over the globe conduct a number of training sessions, giving participants insights about new skills and ideas.

Win, learn and have fun

Another significant thing that the summit provides is the chance of winning prizes. During the brand battles, big battles and the campfire pitch, startups compete for a number of prizes. Not just this, the Seaside Startup Summit is incomplete without a number of beach parties, and variety of fun activities such as volleyball, football, and surfing. This still isn’t the end, there’s gonna be more, wanna explore more? Take part in the Goa Seaside Startup Summit on March 6-11, 2018.For more details and registration, visit here.