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If India Was a Girl, How Should You Try to Impress Her?

It was on August 15, 1947, that India got independence from the British reign, but it wasn’t until nearly three years later, in 1950 that India’s constitution was formally drafted – a book of regulations that told that India was now a democratic republic. This draft describes, how things will go down in India – its rules and regulations.This got me thinking, what if you wanted to date a country – not the entire country, of course – just a girl with a personality of her own. How about if these were the rules made by a girl who you wished to date. So, I’ve taken my liberty, you know, with my freedom of speech, …to re-design a set of those rules, as things that you should know about her.So, here are some pointers you should know before trying to impress India.

1. She’s multi-lingual

She is smart and can speak many languages. And she admires anyone who respects this.

2. She has the Right to Information

She is a gossip queen - she absolutely needs to know everything. 'Sab jaanna h isko, bhaari panchaayat.'

3. She’s secular in thoughts

She’s open about religion. She is quite secular in her thoughts. So, you can easily approach her, regardless of your culture and religion.

4. She was in an abusive relationship

She had been in a relationship before, but, it didn't work out quite well. Her British boyfriend was quite a rascal, and after a long, painful relationship, she was able to end things with him.

5. She is a food junkie... but...

She toh totally loves Khichdi. Though, she’s a bit uncertain of how she feels about non-veg - just cannot seem to make up her mind.

6. She keeps herself healthy

She likes to keep herself healthy with Yoga. Though in this pollution, it isn’t always easy.

7. Freedom of speech - not exactly

You can say anything about her - until it’s something good. She doesn’t take criticism well.

8. Homosexuality is a touchy subject

She cannot stand homosexuality. “Aadmi hu, aadmi se pyar karta hu” doesn’t really sit well with how she sees society.

9. She has a dad with wanderlust

She has a beautiful relationship with her father. But he’s often on tours abroad, and very rarely spends time with her daughter.

10.  Say NO to violence

She’s a follower of Gandhigiri – No Violence. So, she wouldn’t want to see guys fighting over for her. (Though, it would make for an incredible gossip story to tell.)And FYI, if triggered, she knows pretty well how to fight back (Looking at you, Nosy neighbor).Illustrations by: Ishita BansalSo, you think you have what it takes to date India? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. And if you think, there's more to her, that I missed out on, you can reach out to me on harsh@wittyfeed.com