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Is This Sudden Plump On The Lips A Lie, Or Sridevi Underwent A Surgery?

Celebrities are pretty obsessed with their looks. And they actually work really hard to keep it that way. But who doesn't like things easy? In Bollywood, female actors resort to plastic surgery. Priyanka Chopra, Ayesha Takia, Anushka Sharma, Vaani Kapoor and numerous other female actors have gone through these surgeries to enhance their looks.I know what you are thinking, do these ladies need to look prettier than how they look right now? Duh! After making headlines with her daughter, Hawa Hawai of Bollywood, Sridevi Kapoor is back with a bang. And if we believe that chirpy gossip bird going around, she has a got lip surgery done. Source, you ask? A viral video where she can be seen with a plump on her lips. This is not just it, the same rumour made headlines back in 2012. So, come let's see what the whole hullabaloo is about. 

The gorgeous Sridevi Kapoor

The lady who started her career in 1978, has always been this pretty. Who would believe that this gorgeous lady is 54-years-old? She is still young and stunning.  Sridevi was recently captured at Anurag Basu's Saraswati Pooja function and she looked a bit DIFFERENT. 

Video clip from Anurag Basu's Saraswati Pooja

Did you also notice her slightly plumper lips? 

The same rumour went viral in 2012, and this is what she had said...

"No, I haven’t. I want to tell these people that instead of whining and criticising, why don’t you move out of your comfort zone, zip your mouth and slog it out? Then let’s talk! There will be a visible change not just in your appearance, but also in your attitude. But if you’re a lazy bum, hooked to TV, and cannot give up your food because you know you can undergo cosmetic surgery, you’re damned!"

She was spotted with Kangana Ranaut at Saraswati Pooja

"It doesn’t work like that. Anything that is plastic melts in no time. You have to understand that there’s a regime for everything and you benefit by associating yourself with it. To look and feel good, you have to slog it out," she added.  

And this is what she had to say about her changed apearrance

"Your state of mind reflects on your face and I am in the happiest phase of my life today. I lead a systematic life. I am health conscious, I do power yoga, play tennis four days a week, control my diet and resist junk food, fried stuff and sweets, even though I have a sweet tooth. And most importantly, I don’t sweat the small stuff (laughs). All these bring a change in the appearance," she said in an interview with Hindustan Times when asked about what makes her look stunning and younger. Well, let's see if this all is a rumour, or Sridevi Kapoor actually undergo a surgery.That's all, readers. If you have something unusual to share, do write to me at guneet@wittyfeed.com