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10 Things No One Else but a Sikhni of Bhatinda Can Do

Sat Sri Akal saareya nu! Female characters like Geet from Jab We Met, Meera from Love Aaj Kal or Veera from Highway, have defined the term Sikhni from Bhatinda with their characters. And I am pretty sure that these characters and their one-liners ruled everyone's heart.But what if I tell you that all that you have seen in these movies is not just it. There are many more factors that differentiate a Sikhni from Bhatinda from all the other women out there.So, how about we have a look at few qualities that only a Sikhni from Bhatinda can possess.For starters, there is a saying in Punjabi that says, "Jithe tera over-confidence mukk janda, otho jatti da confidence shuru hi hunda!"

She is a 'khaande peende ghar di kudi'

Unlike the 0-figure modus operandi that a majority of women are following these days, Sikhnis from Bhatinda believes in being healthy, strong and fabulous. Where women are often soft and calm, these Sikhnis carry a brave and bold personality.

If it is a Sikhni from Bhatinda, panga na lena! 

When it comes to the safety of women in Punjab, they know how to keep themselves safe. Even after knowing all this, if you ever get into trouble with a Sikhni, she will begin with "dassan tenu?" and then be ready for her 'chittar and chandd' (her slapping buddies).

She doesn't wear minis, her patiala is enough to kill you

In Punjab, women don't need to wear minis or jeans to impress. They carry their patialas in a manner which takes your breath away. Her choodiyaan, phulkari, jutti, prandi and yes, guth, are enough to make her stand out. Plus when with elders, she will never forget to pull on chunni on her head.

She is a true multitasker

If you think there are a lot of women in Punjab who are housewives, don't limit your imagination to it. We all know that Punjab is among the major contributors of hosiery fabric in India, where do you think all of it comes from? There, a majority of houses have handlooms and machinery at their homes. Apart from supporting the family's finances, they take care of their family as well. Preparing makhan or cooking sarson da saag, from driving a car to a tractor, a Sikhni knows it all.

Her excitement can kill you 

Everyone adores Punjabans for their charm. But when it comes to  Lohri or a wedding, you cannot handle their excitement. She is always in a fun mood and knows how to solve problems and make everyone happy with her contagious smile.

For her, being loud is being human

Let me tell you something really straight, she is gonna be loud!   If you ever hear her shouting, don't worry, she may just be talking to her friends. Sikhnis know the actual meaning of LOL, i.e., Laugh Out Loud. You will know this when you hear her laughing.

Don't get me started on her Giddha

If you have never watched Giddha in Bhatinda or in any other area of Punjab, you must add it to your to-do list. The Giddha steps, the attitude, the expressions and the charisma, all these things will take your heart away. 

For her, nothing is more important than her father's pride

This isn't anything new as most of the daughters help their fathers in the family business, right? But in Punjab, apart from being a responsible daughter, Sikhnis also help assist their fathers in the farm. 

She takes risk because she is not afraid

Most of the movies based on Punjabans have already shown how brave Sikhnis are. They take risks and are bold because they are not frightened of anything. 

There, Punjabans are no less than Punjabis

Okay! Now the thing I believe that only a Bhatinda Sikhni can do is that she is no less than a man. There is nothing women-like that they cannot do.Well, that's all, readers. Do you know any such Sikhni from Bhatinda? If yes, don't forget to share this with her. If you think I missed on some points, share them in the comment section.And if you have something interesting to share, do write to me at guneet@wittyfeed.com