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Here's Why Indore Is Indore And Not Mini-Mumbai

"You can take a person out of Indore, but not Indore out of that person." - Indori Chacha No doubt India is a cultural heritage, with its diversified tradition and thousands of different languages, it becomes one of its kind of a nation. Every corner of this country is different altogether, but still, some people commit the mistake of comparing one part of the country with the other. Yeah, just like the way our parents compare ourselves with Sharma Ji ka Beta.As I have experienced the lifestyle in both the cities, I feel bad that Indore is repeatedly referred as mini-Mumbai, even after having its own solid background. Often times, I meet a lot of people who tell me, "Kahan se aa rahe ho, mini-Mumbai?" "Ohh, Indore Matlab wahi mini-Mumbai na?"*Facepalm*

Mumbai vs Indore.

I mean come on, what if you have a BFF named Rahul and just because you both do some things that are similar to each other, people start calling you mini-Rahul? How'd you feel then? It is what a lot of Indoris feel when someone says "Indore toh mini-Mumbai hai?"But not anymore, here are some points that make Indore... INDORE!

Mumbai is the city of dreams, but Indore is the city of culture.

Mumbai is flooded with Maharashtrian people, in Rajasthan, you see a lot of Rajasthanis, in Gujarat, you see a majority of Gujaratis, but if there's one place where you can find all of them together, that is Indore and we call them Indoris.

Mumbai faces rush early in the morning, Indore is calm.

In Mumbai, all you ever get to see in the morning is people running behind things. Some run behind the local trains, while there are some who run behind buses and cabs.But Indori mornings start with a cup of a tea, and Parle-G biscuit on a very mild note. It's a common tradition that the majority of Indoris wish their neighbors a very 'good morning.'

Mumbai has Vada Pav, Indore has Poha-Jalebi.

Mumbaikars enjoy eating vada pav, whereas Indoris love to eat poha-jalebi in breakfast. You won't find a person who loves Indore but doesn't know about poha-jalebi.

Weather in both the cities

Weather in Mumbai is a bit unpredictable, but Indore is among one of those Indian cities that looks beautiful in all seasons. Be it at the peak of summer or a cold winter morning; the city makes you fall in love with its weather. Less traffic, less pollution and more space to breath.

The nightlife in both the cities.

Indore's nightlife is equally soothing and enjoyable. Apart from enjoying the multi-cuisine restaurants, dancing to the DJ's beat at pubs, Indore has 'sarafa', a place that satisfies your late night hunger pangs. Basically, Indoris are foodies, they eat, sleep to wake up and repeat.Late at night is the best time of the day to go on short rides with your friends and partner. And it is equally safe and secure.

Late night events in both the cities. 

No doubt more events are planned in Mumbai at any given the time of day than Indore, but the latter is not that far behind. Notably, the city is experimenting every day to innovate itself and the kind of activities that it offers, with their main focus on entertaining people and providing a platform for different art forms.Like on 27 January, WittyFeed is coming up with Midnight Kalakaar in association with BIG FM, Olive Apparels, and Mangosteen Restaurant.So, if next time someone says "are you from mini-Mumbai?" Tell them "O bhiyau! Ek minat, kya mini-Mumbai? Indore, INDORE hai!"That's all, folks!