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Reasons Why Akshay Kumar Is The Best Friend We All Need In Life 

"Wo sirf star hi nahi duniya hai meri..."I am sure most people have used this line for their favourite actors from Bollywood. Sometimes, these stars do the ordinary things in an extraordinary manner and that simply catches us off guard. One of the actors whom I have admired a lot is Mr. Akshay Kumar. He has never missed a single day and has always made it a point to catch up with me in my...Dreams.   I am not kidding, trust me. With all that going on in my mind, I have my list of reasons why we all need a friend like this superstar to make their life a hell lot easy and beautiful. Wanna check them out? Here they are: 

He is a supportive friend who will stay with you through thick and thin. 

Akshay Kumar postponed the release of his already scheduled film PadMan to support his dear friend Sanjay Leela Bhansali whose film was clashing with Akshay's film on 25 January 2018. 

"Our industry is a big family."

In a recent press conference where the actor and director officially announced this news, Akshay said these lines and it just made me respect and value this actor more. He is a true gem and I would give up anything in life to get a friend like him. 

He is a concerned citizen of the nation. 

Akshay's recent Instagram post highlights his love for the nation and he also announced that a sum of  Rs. 12.93 crores has been raised for the people who serve our nation. With his exemplary choice of films and causes that he supports, Akshay has always made it loud and clear that he is a firm believer and great supporter of such causes that help the nation grow. 

He cooks FOOD. 

THIS IS GOALS. One thing that Akshay and I might share in common will be our love for cooking different and exotic dishes for our other friends and family members. We could have a chill evening where we just grab all our ingredients and start the real magic. 

Knows the art of  "chakke chudana". 

Akshay's talent and martial art moves are famous worldwide. So If he agrees to become my best friend all those guys who will do the desi ched-chad with me will have to give it a thought. After all, I have a friend who knows the art of "chakke chudana" .

PadMan, a complete family man.

Akshay has strict work policies and when he is with his family, he gives complete attention to his kids and wife. I am sure he gives that sort of treatment to his close friends too. 

He is a BIG prankster. 

I am a big nautanki and I love to team up with people and play pranks. If you are also that kind of a person then Akshay is the perfect partner who will team up with you.Cover image source: Hindustan TimesThat's all people. If you are a true Akshay fan, tag him and tell him that he is the BEST. You can also write to me at muskan@wittyfeed.com