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Ever Wondered About the Changes India Wants to See in the Education System?

Class 1 student attacked by Class 6 student.Boy Attacked in Lucknow School, Minor Suspect Sent to Juvy HomeDelhi Assault Case: Can a 4-Year-Old Be Charged With Rape?Such headlines, which otherwise would've been shocking, are now relatively common in India. The Ryan International School case where a seven-year-old child Pradyuman was found dead in a school toilet shuddered us to the core. And recently another such incident was reported from Lucknow.How can we even address the other important issues if we keep struggling with the basic ones? There's a lot to be changed in our education system and security of school children shouldn't be one of them! Once we're satisfied with that, we can talk about reservation system, quality of education and teachers. Sex education, politics, and practicality of the education system are some other concerns as well.Right to education is so important, the entire nation depends upon it. Don't you think so? To understand this, we decided to ask Indians, what changes do they want to see in the education system of India by 2020? #IndiaKaPulse

What do YOU want to change?


The major two goals.


Conditions of rural schools as well.


Quality of education in government schools.


Old syllabus to be replaced with new.


More creativity in teaching.


Interactive classes could be a good start!


Corruption should be eradicated completely.


Girls should be educated properly.


Test our IQ and not memory!


Include sex education as well.


Here's our report

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