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These 10 Hollywood Movies were Inspired by Indian Movies

We have been accustomed to hearing that a particular Indian movie is inspired by a famous Hollywood movie. Not that it's a complaint, but this has been the story since forever. However, there has surely been some criticism regarding the copying of scripts. Well, to be honest, it is a fair judgment as some of the Indian directors actually have directly copied movies from the west and labelled it as their own.Having said that, there also are a few Indian movies which got remade into or are the inspiration for Hollywood movies. Take a look at the following movies and see if they shock you or perhaps make you feel proud of such great work done by our directors that it had to be 'copied'.

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton- Rangeela

Both the films run around the same storyline, however, the end is a little changed. On the whole, the two movies, 'Win a Date with Tad Hamilton' and 'Rangeela' are very much similar.

A Common Man- A Wednesday

 'A Common Man' was a remake of the critically acclaimed Bollywood movie, 'A Wednesday'. The movies saw award-winning actors Ben Kingsley and Naseeruddin Shah playing the lead role respectively. They were very much appreciated by the audience. 

Forty Shades of Blue- Charulata

Satyajit Ray is one of India's classic directors whose contribution to movies is widely known. One such case was with the remake of the Bengali movie, 'Charulata' into 'Forty Shades of Blue'.

Kill Bill- Abhay

Many a times, Kamal Hassan had looked upon Hollywood for inspiration, however this time around, Hollywood was the one taking inspiration from his movie, 'Abhay'.

E.T.- again, Satyajit Ray's The Alien

E.T. is one of the best science fiction movies of all time. Little do people know, that it was inspired by Satyajit Ray's movie, 'The Alien', which was going to be his debut in Hollywood, but unfortunately things didn't go as per the plan.

Fear- Darr

Although 'Fear' is not exactly inspired by the very popular and pathbreaking movie 'Darr', there still are scenes that have been inspired by Shah Rukh Khan's role in the Bollywood movie.

The Reincarnation of Peter Proud- Madhumati

'Madhumati' is a 1958 Indian classic by the director Bimal Roy. The Hollywood movie, 'The Reincarnation of Peter Proud' has not directly been influenced by the Bollywood movie, however, the two hold a lot of similarities.

Leap Year- Jab We Met

The movie, 'Leap Year' in some ways inspired by the Bollywood superhit, 'Jab We Met'. It had a similar plot where a girl goes on a journey to meet her boyfriend and ends up falling in love with another guy. The director of Leap Year (which actually flopped), Anand Tucker has Indian roots which might be the reason for his inspiration from this Hindi film.

Broken Horses- Parinda

'Parinda' was a 1989 Hindi movie which was remade into 'Broken Horses'. Interestingly, both the movies were directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. Although, the American version of the movie did not do well.

Divorce Invitation- Aahwanam

'Ahwanam' was a Telugu film by the director S.V. Krishna Reddy. It was remade 15 years later as 'Divorce Invitation'. However, the American version of the movie did not do well on the business part.Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments section.