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Top 10 Things To Do This Weekend At Odyssey’18 "A Fantasy Saga"

College festivals are simply full of happiness and entertainment.A cultural festival is set to begin in Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi. It's one of the most loved festivals in the institute and is popularly known as 'Odyssey.'The name itself leaves us with excitement, along with some degree of uncertainty. This year the theme of the festival is "A Fantasy Saga".From claiming the Iron Throne of Westeros, Capturing the Dragon Eggs to being placed in Gryffindor or taking a walk into the forbidden forest- this is just an overview of what's in store for this edition of Odyssey.Attend this festival to get the real feel of fantasy. Odyssey'18 is gonna deliver an immersive experience for two days at Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi.The Odyssey festival commences on 19 January 2018 and will go on until the 20 January 2018.If you're planning to be a part of this festival, we bring you the top 10 things to do this weekend at Odyssey'18:

Harrdy Sandhu's Concert: 

The major highlight of this festival is a live concert by Hardy Sandhu. You simply cannot miss out on this.So dance your Saturday night on the campus with the famous Punjabi rockstar. All the Punjabis in the house, are you ready?

Muggle Quidditch Tournament

Live like wizards, play like wizards. For the first time ever in India, a college fest brings you the widely popular Muggle Quidditch tournament! Take part in the fun game and win prizes!

 Sorting Hats

There is not one person from the Harry Potter Fandom who does not have the desire to know what house they belong to.Sorting Hat will do the trick for you ;)

 FBB Campus Princess

Need we say any more? Here’s FBB Campus Princess giving you the opportunity to be a part of the biggest campus pageant this January.

Captcha, the Photography event

Catch the dizzying array of beautiful shots captured by the upcoming photographers of the century with Tasveer, the Photographers’ Society of IIIT-D and Captcha, the photography event 

The Battle of Bands

Headbang with your gang in Colosseum: The Battle of Bands. A handful of professional bands battling their way on the stage. Do get your jam partners!

PWN3D, the gaming competition

If you're good at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and can dribble the ball well in FIFA ‘18, we invite you to take part in PWN3D, the gaming competition. 

Bow & Arrow 

The annoying Joffrey, or the cunning Cersei, choose your target to eliminate with the Bow & Arrow attraction - Can You Kill The King?

God of Beauty: Adonis 2018

We all know how popular beauty pageants are these days. Unfortunately, we don’t find many men from the land of Greek Gods there. Odyssey presents to you Adonis '18, the one of its kind male pageant.Show us some #masculinitywithresponsibility, boys.To the females, trust us, it will be GOOD.

Reverbe - The Fashion Show

Walk the ramp with our participants as they wear the newest attire and perform to the most attractive songs of the century at Reverbe - The Fashion Show. And an annual performance by The Muse in collaboration with fashion bloggers and designersIt's true, cultural festivals in Delhi are incomplete without waffles and so is Odyssey. But it doesn’t stop there, the infamous Lord of the Drinks and The Flying Saucer will be at your service too.So what are you waiting for? Walk into a world of fantasy this week at Odyssey 2018 - A Fantasy Saga!