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I Am Not Like Other Girls But You 'Objectify Me', So Here's What I Have To Tell You 

Sometimes I tell bad jokes and the people around me don't laugh... It is the perfect 'ground burry me' situation for me where I ask the Earth to open up and swallow me whole.Rabia's story starts with this thought. Her father Rajat Kapoor has triumphed on the silver screen with great performances as an actor as well as a director. His 19-year-old daughter is a live inspiration for us to see and learn but most of us never knew that she existed and she had such beautiful thoughts.Rabia has performed at various storytelling events and sessions but something which is utterly close to my heart is what every girl faces these days. Her piece The Introvert's Banter managed to fetch great response from people around the globe but here's another one where she wants young boys to stop OBJECTIFYING girls. 

Her piece starts with people not being able to accept her uniqueness. 

People usually face this when they don't have thoughts that match with other human's thoughts. I know that, I have been there. If you are different you tend to do things that most people don't do and that's when you are rated or judged. 

People don't acknowledge the uniqueness and that is pretty much okay. 

Because a girl who is not like other girls is not bounded by the opinions of people around her. She knows there's no one who can be HER better than HER. 

When people actually comprehend that she is not a usual chick 

People see hatke thing in an NLOG (not like other girls) girl and that is when they realise it's the wit in her humour that makes her stand apart, it is the fact that her punchlines run out of time but she has that thing in her. People like change, but they are just not ready to accept it, especially when it comes from a girl. 

You are always blown away but you simply fail to accept 

You are always taken aback and you feel that sense of surprise when this girl does something but you just fail to accept and comprehend that.

You are always blown away but you simply fail to accept 

You fall for her and her sense and sensibility but why is it just so hard to accept? Tell her what you like, tell her what you don't like and maybe, just maybe, you guys could land up on the same page. 

A girl who doesn't go with teh flkow 

I am a girl who is not like dead fishes that go with the flow and I am proud of this attitude that makes me unique and pushes me to do things that no one has ever done. The best thing about me is my mind, which no one can ever have or steal from me. 

What? Mind? Best thing? 

Are you sure? Is that how we should see girls? Ask yourself. Is inner beauty more important than the outer one? There you go, you get your answer. An answer that will determine whether you are willing to read this piece anymore or not. (JK, my mind playing games with my words) 

Rabia's sarcastic take 

She further talks about how a girl is treated and what are the major sort of compliments that we receive generally. It is all again in the mind and when the mind is appreciated, it is hard to accept for people. 

Harsh reality

The tables turn when the hot chick walks in and all those scintillating conversations and the secrets that we keep seen to evaporate with her 'hotness'. 

Objectify me, na? 

Again, ironically, girls are tired of objectification and if that keeps on happening the inside beauty is going to fade away somewhere. I mean, what good is all this for if it is never taking you anywhere? Here this one out and you will understand the hidden message: 

Beauty doesn't really lie in the eyes of the beholder, maybe it lies in the amount of your Instagram followers.

Here's the complete video

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