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Listen Boys, a Girl Should Be Allowed to Do These When She Is PMSing 

It is a good day today, I'm not angry, nor am I going to yell at anyone for simply EXISTING. I am a happy girl, you see, the one they show in Whisper sanitary pad's advertisements on the television. Yeah, the same girl who wears white pants and goes on trekking because she wants all the adventure during 'that time of the month'. YEAH, read that? Now, here's the real picture dude. When on my periods, I am definitely not the girl who goes on a trek, wearing white pants. I hate being a GIRL in the first place. I hate the fact that the most sensitive part of my body is punishing me. Like, really? Is that how you are going to repay all the debts that you owe me? I have various thoughts when I PMS and many girls at the WittyFeed's office, a place where ideas and witty thoughts flow, agree with me. So here are the things that my colleagues and I think should be allowed when girls PMS:

1. Endless supply of chocolates.

Not sure about other girls but my best friend and I crave for chocolates. I think there should be a policy where girls can get 'n' number of chocolates. After all, they deserve to be pampered at least four days of the month. 

2. She should be allowed to take leave.

Some places in India and/or abroad offer menstrual leaves. It should be made legal and women should be allowed to take offs when their body and hormones are simply messing with them. 

3. She shouldn't be judged.

PMS is real and girls get mood swings during that time. They should not be judged when they get cranky and must be allowed some space and peace of mind. 

4. She should be allowed to have something warm whenever she wishes to. 

Trust me, be it a hot water bath, a water bag to place on the tummy or some lukewarm water, it helps. It really helps ease those cramps. A girl should be allowed to have access to any or all of this when she wishes to. 

5. She should be allowed to yell and scream at anyone. 

SHUT UP, I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO ANYONE. Words like these come out of her mouth and it is pure agitation because so much is going on inside her that she can't express it in words. A girl should be allowed to yell and scream and let the world know that it is not easy to be a woman. 

6. Girls should be able to talk about it and feel comfortable. 

Yes, this one is serious and women should never be made uncomfortable when it comes to menstruation or what happens before it. She should be able to talk about it openly.

7. She should be allowed to overthink and overreact at some point. 

I know it might go OTT (over the top) but sometimes girls should be allowed to do so. You might never realise but it helps us a lot.  

8. She should be left alone for some time if she asks for it. 

Don't hang around all the time and leave her alone. 

9. Deny that they are PMSing. 

Because they are PMSing they should be allowed to deny that they are not. (if only you could understand the irony)Cover image source: TwitterThat's all, people. If you have more things to add to this, let us know in the comment section below. You can also write to me at muskan@wittyfeed.com.