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Bored of Visiting Regular Restaurants? Check Out These Unique Places

A lot of us foodies have always dreamt of venturing into the food industry at some point in our lives. Food business is a sure shot method to earn money. Not to mention that it has already taken the market by storm, especially in India. With so many restaurants opening up every day, most restauranteurs try to create their own brand.Having said that, many people have dared to think out of the box to come up with interesting ideas for restaurants that can blow their guests' minds. For all the foodies out there who are fed up of going to the same old places to dine, here are some unique restaurants that you need to visit-

Hawai Adda, Ludhiana

Opened in Ludhiana, Hawai Adda is an airplane themed fine-dining hotel, which has a restaurant, a bakery, a dining area, a kitty hall and a cafe. Interestingly, the airplane is an Airbus 320 which used to fly for Air India and was brought in parts from Delhi, where it was redesigned. 

Taste of Darkness, Hyderabad

In this restaurant, you are dependent completely on your instinct. You will not be able to see your food as the entire place is dark and each day, a new meal awaits the guests. Whatever is served is experienced by the guests based on taste and smell.

Firangi Dhaba, Mumbai

From the dabbas, to the colourful Bollywood posters, this restaurant will surely give you the feel of streets in Mumbai. It consists of auto-rikshaw themed arrangement and menu cards inspired from truck's number plates.

Iifa Buzz, Gurgaon

Inspired by the popular IIFA awards, the Iifa Buzz is planned to give complete Bollywood experience to the guests. This place is decorated with IIFA trophies and Bollywood posters. There is a red carpet also that gives the visitor the feel of attending a Bollywood event. 

Tihar Food Court, Delhi

Tihar jail in Delhi, runs a food court for public, where the cooks are none other than the jail inmates. It was a venture started as a rehabilitation to employ the prisoners where they are given the training to run a restaurant.

New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmedabad

This restaurant in Ahmedabad was an old cemetery earlier which has been converted to a restaurant. What is spooky is that the restaurant owner has still kept the coffins inside his restaurant. The owner claims that keeping the coffins gives a 'unique experience' to its customers and considers it to be lucky.

UFO Revolving Restaurant, Mumbai

The UFO Revolving Restaurant, as the name suggests is a UFO-themed restaurant which actually revolves. It is also well decorated and is lit up with white and blue lights that make it look surreal. Coming to its menu, it has a well-stocked bar with Indian and international liquor brands and extravagant multi-cuisine menu to choose from.  

Hijackk, Ahmedabad

Hijackk is basically a mobile, double-decker bus which gives its diners a unique experience of eating while getting entertained visually. It has a seating capacity of 44 people who are given an array of fusion food that keeps changing from time to time. What an amazing experience people get while roaming around the city and enjoying the views and devouring food at the same time.

Echoes, Bangalore

Echoes is the first restaurant in Bangalore that is managed by the 'deaf and mute'. When you are handed a menu, you will also be handed a booklet to note down the serial numbers of the desired food item to be ordered. Not only this, but placards are also given which will have instructions written on them for the waiters to know what exactly is required to be done.

The Black Pearl, Bangalore

The Black Pearl is a pirate-themed based restaurant in Bangalore. The concept of the pirate life on a ship is extended throughout the 250 seater restaurant. The rooftop area of the restaurant truly gives a feeling of sitting on the front deck of the ship with the wind coming towards you.

Cat Cafe Studio, Mumbai

The Cat Cafe in Mumbai is one of a kind cafe that hosts 30-40 cats within its premise and is open to all the cat lovers and enthusiasts. The cats present in the cafe are all rescued and nurtured to good health. Also, the cats are up for adoption, so whoever can provide them with a loving home can always take a look at this cafe.

TherPUP Dog Cafe, Bangalore

If a dog-lover is looking for a day-long retreat and enjoy some good food, then TherPUP Cafe is their go-to place. Not only can you play with the dogs that live there, but also take your dog along. All the dogs at the cafe are friendly and very welcoming to the visitors who come visit them.

Cross Cafe, Mumbai

The Cross Cafe which was earlier known as Hitler's Cross Cafe caused a lot of stir in the Jewish community of Mumbai. They felt insulted that the cafe was named after someone who killed a significant amount of people. The owner then changed the name to Cross Cafe. 

Nature's Toilet Cafe, Ahmedabad

This toilet-themed cafe is one of a kind. This cafe owns more than 20 urinals which date back to the 1950s. The entire concept of this cafe is to spread the message of hygiene.

Silver Metro, Bangalore

This unusual dining spot in Bangalore has been inspired by the metro train. The train has been painted silver to give it the feel of a metro station. This place serves amazing buffet which is of great quantity. Try this place out if you love eating unlimited food at an unusual place.How many of these have you visited? Please share in the comment section below.Cover Image Source