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Vivekananda Was Not Born A Swami, He Earned That Title

Once upon a time in Kolkata, there was a landlord who threatened children, saying that there is a demon in the tree and he swallows children.In that bunch of people, there was a kid named Narendranath, who thought the landlord was telling vague and false tales to frighten the kids. The other boys got scared, but Narendra sat on the branch of the tree and waited for that demon to arrive. And as was expected, the demon didn't arrive. Narendranath proudly declared all his friends that the entire story was a facade to scare them. This kid, named Narendranath is none other than the famous Hindu monk Swami Vivekananda. 

Narendranath's childhood 

His father was a lawyer and hence his house was often flooded with clients belonging to different castes and backgrounds. The house was some sort of an inn where people could also smoke different pipes. Interestingly, the pipes were divided on the basis of caste. 

His psyche was different from usual kids of his age 

Narendranath was a curious child and he often wondered what would happen if he used the pipe that was not meant for people of his caste. One day, out of curiosity he smoked one such pipe and realised that nothing happened to him. Hence, he concluded that the system was created by people and it made no sense. 

He was fascinated by the secrets of God 

One day, he visited a temple where Sri Ramakrishna was a priest. Narendra sat in the corner with one of his friends and listened to him very carefully. After that incident, Narendra gradually got inclined towards monkhood and gave up all the desires. 

This decision shocked his family 

Narendra had just finished his education and when he spoke to them about becoming a sanyasi, they were upset and wanted him to get married immediately. His mentor Sri Ramakrishna was not very happy. Soon, Narendra gave up all the worldly pleasures and decided to follow the path of monkhood. 

Narendra's father's death 

But soon he was shaken by the news of his father's demise and had to take charge of the family. He looked for jobs but he couldn't find any, he finally took the path of priesthood and chose to become a sanyasi.

He gave up all the attachments 

After enduring a lot in his life like starving himself and lying to his family that he won't have food at home because he was eating out with a friend, Narendra finally chose a path and that gave his life a purpose. 

Narendra became Vivekananda 

Bharat (India) became his home and all the men on this land became his brothers. Soon, people started recognising him for his great intellect and self-control that he had learned as a monk. 

Promote Indian spiritual values abroad

Vivekananda went to America to address the public on spiritual values of India. People abroad saw India as a poor nation and that's when he decided that he had to change that image. 

People all across the globe started talking about him 

Soon, the speech that he gave in Chicago became the talk of the town. He also appeared in one of the public events in Madras and then there was no looking back. Bengal’s Narendra became the blazing light of all India as Vivekananda and people started recognising him. 

The title of 'Swami' 

The news soon spread to Hyderabad and then in one of his public appearances he was addressed as a 'Swami'. That's how Narendranath Datta became Swami Vivekananda and the whole world addressed him with that name then on. Cover image source: WordPress.That's all people. If you have something to add to the story, let us know in the comment section below. You can also write to me at muskan@wittyfeed.com