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20 Reasons Why I Don’t Want To Be A Bollywood Celebrity

Sitting ideally, playing with a pen in my hand, murmuring alone like a maniac, what am I trying to do? Trying to create some epic shit which will throw a bomb on my readers, like Bomb Cyclone wallop Northeast. Blah, blah, blah… (rubbish thoughts running over the top of my brain exactly like cold sweat running down my spine.) While hustling to making a mark on the world and marking my presence in the heart of people out there (either known or unknown), I realised, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to become Shah Rukh Khan (urf K...K...K...Kirrrannn). And after thinking long enough, I came up with the questions for myself - Will I ever become a celebrity? Do I really want to live a life where I am a walking-talking brand? (And my heart screams out loud) NO... NO-NO... NOT AT ALL!!!

My state right now…

While having a question/answer session with my ownself, I listed out a few reasons, 'why I would never want to be a celebrity' (You might relate to many of these reasons).

I can't go for dinner/lunch with my male friend, without attracting media.

I can't roam freely in public parks.

I can't share the exact state of my mind on Facebook.

I can't show that I'm PMSing.

I won't be able to pick my teeth after eating those sticky cookies...eeewww!

Abusing in public would turn out to be a bad option (if you know what I mean) :(

I can be roasted any time for wearing unbranded dresses (for God's sake, stop judging celebs for the price of their cloth).

What!? I will have to wear makeup all the time, what the f***!

I can't enjoy a cheat day as per my wish; I would have to follow the diet shared by my trainer.

Buying an SUV or for that matter any expensive car will be a must. But I don't want to :(

My crazy pictures from parties will become fodder for meme makers

Because I am always high, with or without drinks.And if you also behave like me after getting high, you probably should be prepared for being trolled now and then.

Yeee, I want to travel in a local... No, no...I will have to think twice before opting for that!

My interviews can have no blunders at all because AIB roast still exists!

I will have to hold my horses when it comes to sharing something in public.

24*7 I'll have to breathe sophistication. 'I will have to talk sophisticatedly; I will have to walk sophisticatedly; I will have to burp sophisticatedly...brrrr!' Lol!

Even if I want, I can't skip my bath. What? Not even in winters?? *Crying Loud*

While going LIVE on Facebook, I will have to keep smiling like a fool! Ask why? Because every time I will have to look like Hindi wala 'PHOOL'! Grrrrr!

And yes, I will have to live by the quote - 'Fake it till you make it.'

One wrong choice of the movie can spoil my career, like for ages. *Scary*

My choice will not be mine anymore. It will become public!

After realising this, the respect that I had for all the celebrities has grown much higher

Hats off to all the celebrities who are working day and night, fighting these everyday problems like a pro! I mean it's always easy to judge them, but being in their shoes will definitely not be easy.  Start respecting people for their choices and don't judge them for their voices.