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Start Loving Yourself, It Is Way Better Than Loving Someone Else

Each one of you is special. Each one of you is different. There is no one in the world exactly like you. You deserve to be loved unconditionally, but hey, not only by your family or friends but the most important person in your life- YOU. Something which is extremely important yet extremely underrated is the act of self-love. For many of us, practicing self-love can be very challenging when we face certain challenges throughout life. However, if we hang on, and treat ourselves with love, we surely will get out of any challenging situation in front of us.The world today has a lot of people facing serious psychological issues like depression, where a person has just forgotten the idea of self-love. It is a known fact that self-love cures depression and boosts their confidence levels.Take a look if you need a reminder of truly loving yourself no matter what.

Accept yourself even at your dumbest moment

Everybody is born with different characteristics. No matter what they are, learn to accept yourself however you are. There are times when you would feel extremely weird or dumb about yourself, neverthless, imperfections are a gift to you to make you learn in life. Do not judge yourself on things which you think are not so great about you. The moment you accept yourself, you will unleash what you truly are from inside and it won't matter what people think of you. 

Forgive yourself just like you would with others

You may have a memory of what you had done which made you feel ashamed of yourself or even embarrassed at yourself. It is time for you to let it go because you do not have the power to go back in time and change it. Rather, forget the past and focus on your future. Make the past just a learning experience to improve your future and move on.

Be aware of your inner voice

We all talk to ourselves in our mind, although we do not necessarily listen to it consciously. Notice what your inner voice tells you the most. Make sure that your inner voice talks in a very loving and caring way. You would notice sometimes while while coming across a delicious dessert that you want to eat, but something tells you that you need to give it pass this time. That 'something' is your inner voice which you need to listen to every now and then.

Treat yourself like a baby

See yourself  as a little, vulnerable creature, that simply wants to be loved. The moment you see yourself as a kid, you will notice that the harsh judgment that you make on yourself melts away. Ever seen a baby who is in depression or is sick of life? No, right. 

Get all the negativity out of your system

Negative can be thoughts or even your surroundings. Try to stop yourself from all the negative thoughts and replace them by something possitive immediately so that the negative thinking does not come back. There might also be negative people that surround you. Anyone who makes you feel anything less than amazing doesn’t deserve to be a part of your life. Do yourself a favour and let them go. You do not have let them off completely, but even limiting your interactions with them will help you in a major way. Just like detox drinks clean up your system, plan a detox strategy to clean up yourself and your surroundings. Do not fall for the, "this is not for you" or "you are not that great" like you had before.

Self-talk and encourage yourself

Self-talk is an extremely important and powerful mechanism which either makes you with positive self talk or breaks you with negative self-talks. The more powerful and impacting self-talk you have to yourself, the more you will see yourself go forward. Just like, when your are on the treadmill and about to give up on running, start encouraging yourself in your mind to not press the stop button as yet and see those calories burn more by doing that.

Make your health a priority

Fill up your body with food and drinks that nourishes it and makes it thrive. Treat your body like a temple that needs to be taken care of. It is said, "you are what you eat" , therefore it is extremely important to eat healthy to stay healthy physically and mentally.

Liberate yourself

Liberating is to move away from thoughts and beliefs centered in fear, scarcity and replace them with love and overflowing abundance. You will liberate yourself when you take a step forward leaving behind the known and comfortable thoughts to something which is unknown and exciting to you.

Celebrate your victories

Be kind to yourself and celebrate your wins no matter how big or small they are. Pat yourself at the back and feel proud of what you have received. Just imagine, you hiring a person who celebrates all your victories that you do in a day and how it will make you feel awesome. Therefore, in order for you to feel on cloud 9, start doing things that will make you feel so.

Treat others well, after all they too have a life

Treating others with love and respect is extremely important. Treating others in such a way makes us feel good. However, that doesn’t mean everybody will always repay the favor, but that’s their problem not yours.Cover Image Source