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These 14 Sarcastic Quotes Are So Relatable That I Couldn't Stop Laughing   

Sarcasm can dramatically make anyone's life exciting, and words have the power to take this sarcasm to another level altogether. If you are that one sarcastic friend in the squad, you will understand the struggle of explaining what you meant to people around you.  There's a lot that we have to say, but, most of the time it just gets trapped in the game of etiquettes and playing it wisely. Here is a perfect depiction of what we always try to speak out but for some reason are unable to do.  Let's see how the saying 'Sarcasm se lenge tumhari' went way too serious when it comes to addressing people or even feelings. NOTE: The images used in the background of the quotes are for depiction purpose only and has nothing to do with the literal meaning of the quotes.

An opening with the brand ambassador of Sanskaars. 


I experience a lot of mood swings. So, hormones...


This is to all those times when I also felt that I should do engineering.


Because 'Tharak' is the mother of notoriousness.   


Because your arrival makes no sense.

Could you remind me of something that doesn't exist?    

Oh, well, I can write a book on this one.  

Bottom line: I miss you!  

That million dollar expression. 

Why? Ohh, why? Sharaafat?  

And, to me, you are the definition of stupidity too.  

Need I say more? *controversy alert* 

This might sound like a direct dig.  

Okay, I think I've said enough.  

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