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10 Things India Wants Prime Minister Narendra Modi To Change In The Country This Year

"Achhe din aa gaye"Kya sach mein achhe din aa gaye hai?This is what is on every Indian's mind since Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become the Prime Minister of the country. Being a leader isn't easy, especially of a country that is home to over a billion people. In recent times, India saw many changes like demonetisation and GST. That is all from the economy's point of view. Swachh Bharat campaign has also been implemented by the Prime Minister and it is doing well, I must say!But what about the other issues, the socio-economic issues like reservation, overpopulation, and corruption? India is really concerned about those. How do we know? We asked India, #IndiaKaPulse and we came across some major concerns that people in our country have. And the changes Indians want to see in 2018.  No country is perfect, not even the ones that are already developed, but we will try our best to do whatever we can; from bringing awareness to changing ourselves.Today we would like to address some of the major issues that India thinks, should change in 2018. This is India talking directly to our PM, Narendra Modi.Read on!

What change do you want?

If Modiji is listening, here are the top priorities according to the Indians.

Education system is the priority

Historically, Indian education has been elitist. Before the British came to India, even people from small villages were also well educated. Mahatma Gandhi had said, "The beautiful tree of education was cut down by you British. Therefore today India is far more illiterate than it was 100 years ago." Has this changed now? And what needs to be done about it? India says education system should be changed.(Adult literacy rate as per a report of UNESCO was 69.3% in 2011.)

Eligibility criteria for politicians

Well, as most of us would be aware, India has a lot of politicians who haven't even completed formal education, like Rabri Devi. Not to mention that there have been so many controversies around Smriti Irani's education qualifications.Jayalalithaa, the late chief minister of Tamil Nadu, was although offered a scholarship, didn't complete her formal education. There are many examples of various politicians. Isn't it time to have some sort of eligibility criteria for entry into politics?

Population of India

India is the second most populated country in the world, after China. According to an estimate by the UN, India's population is around 17.4% of the total world population. China had introduced the one-child policy, back in 1979 to control the increasing population. Should India consider doing something similar? Like two-child policy maybe.

Reservation system

Reservation system in India is a major concern for the country. A major percentage of people said it is time to remove reservation system. For example, the quota system in medical colleges is taking a toll on aspiring students. After everything, there are barely any seats left for general category. This was just an example, it happens in a lot of other fields as well.

Rape free India

India is infamous for instances of rapes and women security issues. Since 2012, the number of reported rapes in Delhi has increased to six in a day, reports The Sun, UK. Isn't it sad that we are known all over the world, not for our achievements or talents, but for rapes?

Stronger laws

So how can we bring about a change? We need stronger laws. Some countries have much stricter laws when it comes to rape punishments. Take Iran for example, death-penalty is what a rapist faces there. In some countries, castration is sometimes the punishment for rapists. What should we do?

Women empowerment

Ultimately, women empowerment is that one issue which should be focused on this year. Although India seems to be working towards it, we need to bring more attention to this issue.

Emphasis on agriculture

India is still that developing country where a lot of people depend on agriculture, directly or indirectly. What about farmer suicides? There are so many reasons leading up to it. Many social activists say it is because of the genetically modified seeds. Shouldn't we pay more attention to those who depend entirely on agriculture?

Instant action against corruption

India is the most corrupt country in Asia. Corruption is not a new issue either and the government has been taking steps to counter it but how do we plan to eradicate it altogether? Instant actions should be taken. 

Leaders shouldn't spread hatred

Another request in the comments, politics shouldn't be as dirty as it is right now. If leaders focused on working towards development rather than dissing their competitors, other leaders or other communities, India would grow a lot faster!Cover image sourceThat is all from #IndiaKaPulse for now. Write to us at ankita@wittyfeed.com if you want to ask something from the nation.