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Stay Safe Mumbaikars! After Pune Clashes, Dalit Violence Brings Parts Of Mumbai To A Halt 

After the violent clashes in Pune on January 01, 2018, the Dalit groups led another protest today (January 2), this time in Mumbai's Chembur area. What happened in Pune?On the 200th anniversary celebrations of Vijay Diwas, when the Anglo-Maratha War (that involved many Dalits) took place between the army of Peshwa Bajirao II with a small force of the East India Company, a violent incident led to protests. Now, as a mark of outrage, the Dalit protestors have taken this to Mumbai and various other sectors of Maharashtra. #Chembur has begun trending on Twitter and the locals are posting traffic details and be-safe-texts for the general public. 

It all began on Januray 01, 2018

On Bhima Koregaon battle's 200th anniversary, the Dalits who were heading to the memorial were attacked by stone pelting after they had an argument with the locals there. The event took a bad turn when the vehicles and a house in the surrounding were damaged. 

A 28-year-old boy was killed in Pune and the Dalit groups have expressed their anger in Mumbai

After what happened with 28-year-old Rahul Fatangale from Nanded, who was killed in Pune protests, Dalit groups have taken to streets for 'Rasta Roko' protests in different parts of Maharashtra, including Mumbai's Chembur area.

Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis says action will be taken against the all those who are spreading rumours 

Even Mumbai's Harbour Line has been affected

Shops have been shut. Various vehicles were damaged in Chembur

Local people are sharing the live updates on Twitter  

People sitting on Eastern Express Highway

Mumbai Police calms down people