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15 Instances From 2017 That Left Us With Lots Of Memories 

It's no secret that every second of your life becomes a little brighter, colorful, and loud when you're in India. Almost everyone seems to have a kick to visit this cheerful nation that India is. Its legacy has been here for thousands of years, and as far as I see, the country seems to move in the upward direction only. Each passing year, the country achieves new heights in all the aspects possible; and something similar happened in the year 2017 as well. Many things went right, and a few things went wrong, but most importantly, a lot of things happened that'll be remembered for a long, long time, and we've compiled all of them here for you. Have a look! 

The new rising star.

2016 might have started the selfie craze, but it was cashed on in 2017 by a rising melodious voice - Ahem! Dhinchak Pooja (Oh yes, the name comes with a musical sound salutation).

More predictions than a horoscope.  

Just one TV series got common man converted to a pundit who was using his logic, science and horoscope knowledge to predict what will happen in future - Game of Thrones. 

Hawt talk of the town. 

We mean Baahubali fever! The mighty Baahubali is taking revenge against Bhalla Dev in an epic battle. 

Wedding Bells!   

Sharma Ji ki Beti gave the Indian youth some big scolding at home - Dekho Dekho ab to Sharma Ji ki Beti ki bhi Shaadi ho gai! Virushka thode 2-4 saal aur ruk jaate.   

The biggest mystery of the year.  

While 2016's biggest suspense was "Katappa ne Bahubali ko kyun maara?", 2017 had a mystery of its own, and it had three letters - G.S.T. Something that commerce pundits are still trying to decipher. What is this idea, Sir Jee.   

Gone with the wind.

Suddenly, people started holding this between their fingers and rotating it. While I still don't know what satisfaction it gave, but it sure was a sensation - Fidget Spinners. Have you bought one too? 

Mouth-watering news of the year. 

One sizzling hot news of the year has been the launch of a beautiful product - Achari Condom. Because, because... Aaahhh! 

When we went on a strike. 

Okay, not the strike where we do nothing, but an attack where we did everything, hunting down the terrorists. Surgical Strikes.Graphics by: TBS Planet.

Water, water, everywhere. 

Perhaps the first year where water-logging issue exploded and cities exploded with it. From Bangalore to Mumbai to Chennai to Hyderabad - most significant metros saw flooding.

Do you have an oxygen mask? 

In a country where people want to break records, one of our cities did too - Delhi! We bypassed Beijing and maintained the top spot for multiple weeks in being super polluted. A cough! A cough!

Gujarat elections 

Everyone was glued to the TV. Not for sport. Not for the movie. But to witness the result of Gujarat election. Oh, and boy Congress did make their presence felt. And did we mention someone claimed EVM hack?  

The existence of nepotism in Bollywood.  

Bole Chudiyaan, boli Kangana! Aur kya khoob boli! Bolti hi rahi! She 'bolied' all against 'Bollywood biggies' and their art of nepotism. 

Stand up, folks!  

Not for stand up comedy but for paying patriotism, because nationalism needs to be demanded. Let's all stand in silence for listening to National Anthem before the movies.    

Sad tears. 

This one was a little sad. 2017 started with a sickening news of Bangalore mass-molestation, and as the year came to its last quarter, we saw an equally sad sight - the worldwide trend of females coming out and revealing their #MeToo experiences of molestation. More power to you girls. 

Freedom of speech. 

Another sad news of this year. While the country was debating whether there is a freedom of speech or not, we heard a reputed journalist getting shot for something she spoke about. RIP, Gauri Lankesh.For more amazing stuff, visit TBS Planet's official website.That's all, folks!