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10 Best Things That Happened To Me In 2017

Hello guys, I hope you all are doing great and had a wonderful start of the year 2018!My regular followers and well-wishers might have remembered the post I published last year, at the end of 2016. One whole year has passed and I am here with my yearly review. Thanks to many of you who keep on texting me mentioning that they want to hear more from me, regularly. Your 'love and support' is what makes me keep sharing.2017 was a great year for me, just like yours. Lots of good memories and learnings. Out of all, let me share with you a few awesome instances 2017 gifted me. 

Let me start with this angel who incarnated as a little cutie pie in our family.

We welcomed Raya into this world in April. She is now growing gorgeous, healthily and happily. See how cute she is...

How could I stop myself from meeting little Raya! I flew to the US, Texas in June and spent two weeks there. My first visit to America, the land of dreams.

Those moments in the air! I flew through the skies of many countries and had a wonderful experience of long flights. Thanks to Qatar Airways and its amazing team. I still remember those humble and supremely professional gestures of flight attendants. 

Before my trip to the US, I visited Nepal for US Visa. It was in February and mom came to see me in Kathmandu. Being far from family for career purpose and being able to see mother just for once in a year is quite painful at times. This 2018, mom is coming to stay with me in India for a few months. Yayy!

The Professional, by Subroto Bagchi, has become one of the best encounters that happened in my life. Few months back, in our morning stand up meet, my CEO Vinay Singhal mentioned about this book and he had told me that this book is a must-read for all professionals. I decided to start this book, and soon fell in love with it. It's a bliss to read something that gives life-changing experience.

In November, I got to attend Sunburn Festival in Bhopal. My first Sunburn. That was a super awesome experience with the craziest crowd of thousands. And that too, attending such events being a guest and being treated like VIP was incredible. 

At the end of the year, in December, I got to visit Mumbai and Hyderabad. Travelling is always the best.

2017 was 'the year of impact' for WittyFeed. Among many good news, was this one. Forbes India covered WittyFeed's journey in October appreciating the success it has garnered. It was the moment of pride for every WittyFeedian. 

Here comes the biggest achievement of the year. In November, WittyFeed broke every record and witnessed 200K+ active user on its websites at a time. This was the moment every WittyFeedian was waiting for. We are expecting bigger numbers this 2018.

Among a few viral articles I developed in 2017, this one is very much close to my heart. I received lots of messages for this, and the article was shared on social media for dozens of times. Guys, these were some of the instances that made my 2017 amazing. I would like to hear from you as well, how was your year. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Stay connected. Cheers!