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Ever Wondered Who Took Over the Throne After Lord Rama's Death?

We have been hearing Lord Rama's tale since our childhood. Being one of the major deity in Hinduism, Lord Rama is considered to be Lord Vishnu's seventh avatar. An ideal son, a wise brother, a caring husband, but most importantly, a notable and admired king was considered as a supreme being who valued his principals above everything. And hence, was given the title of 'Maryada Purushottam'. This shows how much his kingdom cherished him.   But have you ever wondered what happened when Lord Rama left his human form? Who took the throne after his demise? Let's try to dig in deeper and find answers to these questions. 

As we all know... 

Lord Rama and his wife Sita had two twin sons, Luv and Kusha. 

It is believed that after Lord Rama's death... 

It was his elder son Kusha who was made the new king.  

And there is a reason why Kusha's rule is not famous. 

It is because he tried to kill the Nagas who had stolen a precious stone that was given to him by Lord Rama, who in turn had got it as a gift from Rishi Agastya.   

Kusha was not even considered a great warrior like his ancestors.  

According to the tales, unlike his ancestors who never lost a fight, Kusha died while fighting a devil named Durjaya. Durjaya attacked swarga but was also killed in the fight and Indrapuri was saved. 

After Kusha, his son Atithi became the new king. 

Atithi was the son of Kusha and Nagkanya Kumudvati. He was considered as a great king and a great warrior who lived under the guidance of Muni Vashishtha.

After Atithi, his son Nishadh became the king. 

Nishadh was considered to be as great as his father. After Nishadh, came another greater warrior Nal. Nal gave up the thrown and went to the forest with a rishi, making his son Nabh the ruler of Uttar Kosala. And Nabh was attacked by Pundareeq.   

Pundareeq had a son named Kshemdhanva who was also a great warrior.  

Kshemdhanva's son was such a great warrior that he became the leader of the army of devas and was then named Devaneek. 

Devaneek's son Aheenagu ruled the whole Earth. 

He was loved by all, even by his enemies. After Aheenagu, his son Pariyatra became the king. And this transferring of the throne continued and there always remained a king who took the dignity of the Raghuvanshi dynasty a step further. Content Source That's all. I hope you liked the story.If you are interested to know more about Indian history and its culture, do write to me at guneet@wittyfeed.com.