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A Couple of Drinks Down, a Cop, and Your Car. How Much Worse Can It Get?

If you haven't been living under a rock, then you know just how strict the laws against drunk driving are becoming in the country. From confiscation of licenses to suspension from driving for a year and more and even imprisonment, it's all been written into the law books.On top of that is the mixed feelings when we see a cop. Hell, I always manage to feel guilty even if I haven't done anything wrong when I see one.  So what happens when you've just had your drink (or two), and come out of the pub, and ask for your car from the valet, only to see a cop come walking in? Mighty good reason to get worried, if not scared, right? This is what happened to these friends who came out of a Bengaluru club, only to get surprised completely. Check out the video below. 

So how was that? Convincing, yeah?  We reckon Ola's done a pretty solid job of making you think twice before heading for that self-driven car if you've had even a single drink. I think it is really cool that the firm, instead of getting all preachy about the perils of drinking and what not, which clearly does not seem to have worked so far, has gone instead for a gentle reminder of just how easy it is to take out the huge risk of driving after a drink. So go ahead, as the new year comes in, celebrate all you want, but don't miss out on this simple message. With the Ola App on your phone, your Ola cab probably be with you faster than the valet brings in your car!It could be the best way to ensure 2018 welcomes you in the best way possible.